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It's about We-1Arriving downtown early this morning with the rains just starting was quite the experience. It was coming down in near sheets of water and I was hoping it wasn’t going to keep it up in fear we would be experiencing near flood conditions. Happy that the storm coming from the south had finally passed, about a half hour later I noticed how dark the skies were to the north. I went outside and felt the wind having changed to a northerly and said to myself, “Oh no! The storm clouds are getting pushed back on us!” Sure enough, about 10 minutes later it started all over again. I had to turn off some of the streets because they were filling up to the point where I was afraid my car wouldn’t be able to pass through it. Fortunately, the storm moved back through a little quicker than it moved the first time, so there was actually sun shining through the clouds about an hour later. I understand we received about three inches out of that double header and glad it wasn’t any more. It really is unusual for us to have this much rain in July due to it normally being a drier month. There should be a bumper crop of corn and soybeans for our area this fall. I’m sure the farmers aren’t going to be happy if the commodity prices remain low. This is yet one more reason farmers really should start diversifying the types of crops they plant in their fields. I personally have relatives that really don’t spend that much time in their fields during the growing season and sometimes wonder what they do with the rest of their time. I’d certainly be creating more work on a farm just to keep myself productively busy.

In working on the commercial side of real estate this afternoon I discovered that planning and preparation takes up far more time than the actual re-modeling and improving. I certainly do like working with young entrepreneurs simply because of their drive, vision, and sometimes excitement with the creation of something bigger and better. I think they do appreciate my input since I have this spatial thing about how something would appear once it has been created. Too many times people look at plans in a bird’s eye view but don’t walk thru those plans in their minds. Corners, hallways, light, and height all have subtle effects on the flow of a building, but if there are too many oversights in design, the plans become quirky. I was in a building several years ago and while seated in the waiting area, I could see far too many design errors that started appearing to me. Well of course, when we start seeing faults, we automatically look for more. By the time I was finally called back to where the meeting was being held, I was convinced whomever created that build-out had no concept of flow and function. Knowing who the people responsible were for the poor design, convinced me they were taking the cheapest and easiest ways to get the building completed. There are two distinct types of business people and they are those who want the best for their company and customers, and those who want to take as much from their company and customers. The latter drive the biggest and most expensive vehicles and live in the lap of luxury. They squeeze as much out and give back little. Isn’t it sad that some business people don’t look at the long term and treat their businesses like family? It goes right back to what I’ve said before, “It’s not about me. It’s about we.”

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