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The Mightiest Pen-1Good news always seems to travel slowly when waiting for final pieces of paper to arrive for a closing to fall into place. It’s almost like the old saying, “A watched pot never boils.” Of course whenever there are more people involved in a transaction, the more quirky and muddled it becomes. I’ve come to the conclusion long ago that bad situations like those are caused by communication as well as personality issues. Even today after many days, I continue to hope that a sale will take place when there comes a meeting of the minds with some buyers and sellers with whom I’ve been working. I bristled a bit today when I noticed a transfer document of some real estate that I had an offer on with a given seller last year who neglected to call me back and wouldn’t return my phone calls. It was one of those properties that wasn’t listed and my buyer had enough interest to make an offer on it. Well today, I noticed that it sold to someone else for far less. I think to myself, “Did that seller have an issue with my buyer that I didn’t know about?” Sometimes people can make the strangest of judgment calls to the point of being downright laughable in a sad way. Yes there are those who think they have all the answers and absolutely refuse to listen to the voice of reason. I’ll never forget seeing some of the craziest of choices made by people who likely did what they did simply because everyone else was advising them to make opposite choices, and of course in the end they landed in even more miserable circumstances. There are times when I think some people really do like the attention they get when they’re in dire straits.

A very dear client of mine today asked my opinion on some choices he’s planning on making with his legacy. I could say nothing more than, “Please reflect deeply on your choices, get a good night’s sleep, and when you wake in the morning you’ll likely have your choices made.” People absolutely must take ownership of the choices they make in their lives be they for better or worse, especially when it has to do singly and solely with them, and them alone. That’s why we live in a country resting on the foundations of freedom. I turn a deaf ear when hearing people say he or she should or could have done this or that. Most times those remarks are the words of those filled with jealousy, greed and envy.

In chatting with a business associate over the weekend, we found ourselves on the subject of how some not so nice people living in our city continue to have practices of business that are questionable at best. We agreed that the reason people continue to do the things they do is because of the fearful society in which we live. Too much of the political correctness clouds perception of others. I know there are none of us who are angels or saints, but the real difference comes when we stop trying to better ourselves and start sliding backwards down a slippery slope. The mentality of justification then kicks in and it’s all over. Because many are afraid to speak out about wrongs, the wrongful ways continue. Perhaps if people are afraid to say it, then at least they can start writing letters to the editor and share their views with other concerned readers.

Beyond the reach of the sword stands the strength of the mightiest pen. Start sharing thoughts about what you believe is best for our community.

Joe Chodur

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