Bless your Heart

Bless your HeartHighlights of one’s day happens when giving someone a bit of a surprise gift simply for being the person they are. Nearly a year ago I purchased a really old brass blowtorch that was much smaller than I’d ever seen. I told the seller that I had someone in mind to give it to because he not only likes old tools but also was a bit more drawn to fire makers when young. I was confident it would be liked and would be added to his collection of antique tools. Having not seen him for some time and when I last saw him, I forgot to go and dig it out of where I had it stored to give to him. He paid a surprise visit to the office today and just before he left I said, “Wait a minute while I go and get you something I’d been saving for you.” I went and dug the blowtorch out of a box and came back holding it out to him. “Here’s your birthday or Christmas present whichever comes first.” Oh the look on his face was a classic. He carefully inspected it sideways, front way, upside down and every other direction. He couldn’t have been more pleased and thanked me numerous times. I said to him, “I can’t believe they actually put gasoline in those things.” Of course I got the full explanation on how they worked and learned it wasn’t the actual gasoline that was the flame, but the compressed fumes of the gas that made the fire. Still too scary for me to even consider lighting up. I’m sure he’ll have it sitting somewhere in his home as a conversation piece for some curious guests.

I’ve been noticing more tourist around about town these past weeks. Several stopped in today asking about a home that’s for sale. I gave them all the information on it as well as a bit more. They spoke about this being their second visit to Mason City to view the local Frank Lloyd Wright style homes and buildings. It doesn’t surprise me anymore in hearing how far some of the people travel to see Wright on the Park. They are coming here from all over the world. I gave the visitors more reasons to return in the coming years to see even more progress on the landscape of our Historic District. We must always remember, when you tell one or two people about something that’s unique or interesting, they’ll tell their family and friends, and those families and friends will tell theirs, and the word spreads exponentially. Yes there are always those naysayers living amongst us who can’t seem to find anything good to say about anyone or anything. I consider them nothing more that the dead weight that’s riding our wagon of success. They really do no good other than wait for their rewards with their hands out. Why would they do that? Well, they consider if everyone else who’s worked for our city’s betterment is lifted up, then they should be as well simply because they live here. Yes, it’s unfortunate but true. The passive/aggressive mentality is another type of behavior I dislike. Oh, I read something yesterday that made me laugh. Many years ago whenever a woman of status would use the expression, “Bless your heart” to someone, it was really a cloaked insult that was really meant to be taken as, “You stupid idiot.” I’ve heard people say that a time or two to others, and questioned the true meaning. So the next time you hear someone say it, make sure to know the real meaning and react accordingly.

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