Going Country

Going CountryIn speaking yesterday about taking a bit of time off and doing some manual labor, I found myself possessed in getting some yard work accomplished at a home. It’s amazing how people allow volunteer trees to grow in their flower beds and along foundations. I’m glad I have a very good limb cutter that I can get enough below ground and cut them off so they’ll likely not grow back. Planning on being there only about an hour, turned into a total of four hours for the day. The neighbor must have been feeling sorry for me since I was drenched nearly head to toe with sweat. He walked over and handed me a Gatoraid and said I must be crazy to be working so hard in today’s heat.

He wife said, “I can’t believe you’re wearing long pants and a long sleeve shirt.” I responded, “It’s better to keep the bugs from biting, the branches from scratching, and also to keep me from getting sunburned.” City dwellers really don’t understand the concept of working out in the sun. It’s better to keep one’s body from being overly exposed to the burning sun, the bugs and flies that bite, pricking weeds, and scratching branches. I also have to keep myself from being overly exposed when in public for fear of being too evocative. Hee hee. That was a joke. Two separate times this weekend someone freely told me about some of the exploits of people they know and I was again shocked to hear of such things going on around us. I guess people must consider me the depository for lurid stories since they so matter-of-factly tell me. One of my customers stopped by the office just before I left and I gave him a good giggle when I said, “I continue to work in my ancient age at being more naive than jaded.” I do think it’s better for one to be that way.

These last months I’ve been showing more acreages than normal. I’ve noticed these past several years how the acreages are selling for pretty hefty prices. The ones that are selling for the highest amounts are the ones that are pretty much move-in ready and relatively close to the Mason City/Clear Lake area. The acreages with really old houses on them that aren’t of the best quality are getting fly-overs and just sit there. One of the acreages I have that’s located on Ulmus Ave. really should have sold months ago to some industrious young person simply because of its location. It’s only about 15 minutes at the most from downtown and has a minimal amount of gravel to travel. I’m sure what’s been holding it back is that too many of the acreage buyers don’t want to do the work and would rather pay many thousands of dollars more for something that’s finished and likely in a poorer location distance-wise from Mason City. Another “want” of the acreage buyers is for there to be no close neighbors. I fully understand why they insist on that simply because of the lack of privacy when there’s another acreage too close for comfort. Another big factor is the desire to not be near a major highway, or noisy factory. These are the big reasons for the “fly-overs” with the acreage hunters who’ve got their lists of “must have” features. Quiet enjoyment is really what it’s all about. To be able to walk outside and sit on a back porch and enjoy the silence and scenery after a long day is what it’s all about. I’m convinced this is the core reason more are going country. Shame on those corporate farmers who tore down so many good homesites.

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