Friday Night Live 2015

I’ve discovered that starting a Friday a bit earlier creates more breathing time during the day which enables me to sort of “smell the roses” throughout the day. It’s quite interesting seeing the lack of movement downtown so early when the sun is shining, the birds singing, and the traffic at a bare minimum. I would encourage people who live in and around our Historic Downtown to get out earlier when we have the long days and really enjoy the scenery without having to listen to the traffic noises of people on their way to work. Getting outside early during the summer was something I learned to enjoy years ago and it sort of stuck with me on and off since.

Having had all of my real estate work completed, I decided to change into my work clothes and go perform several hours of community service. I’m not being proud and pompous by saying this, but I do believe once a few people start creating momentum, it starts becoming a standard of practice. I’ll not forget several months ago seeing one of the prominent businessmen working outside his building doing a little sprucing up and complimenting him for it. He likely thought I was going to say something like, “Can’t you hire someone to do this?” Everyone who’s physically capable of doing manual labor should find things to do either at home or at their businesses—especially downtown. Having spoken about this before yet I believe it’s worth repeating. “When an area or district reaches a point of being well on its way in an upward evolution of being a popular place to be, then it’s important to start pushing outwards in all directions from that center.” We don’t want to have an oasis in the middle of blight, but rather by pushing out far enough, the blight becomes an exception instead of the rule in an older district.

Just before it was time to close the office for the evening I decided to walk down to Central Park where the first of the 2015 season of Friday Night Live was taking place. I took some photos of which I’m sharing with you tonight. I was there longer than expected due to running into some people I knew and giving a great “bravo” to all the people who’ve worked to make this event happen each year during the summer months. It’s always good to see all ages enjoying themselves, and from what I could see, there were more people arriving as I left. Just think of how boring our summer nightlife would be downtown if Friday Night Live hadn’t come into existence. I won’t be surprised if there are other possible events on the drawing board to where every Friday evening during the summer has something to bring our community together on either Friday night, Saturday, and even possibly Sunday. I am delighted to find our residents enjoying Central Park far more than in years past. Longer ago than I want to remember, I can still see Central Park in my mind as being a square block with some trees and sidewalks criss-crossing and leading to nothing worth talking about. I hope everyone is having a great time tonight with our summer’s first Friday Night Live for the 2015 season.

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