SkulduggeryThe highlight of my day was an opportunity to visit a church of which I had been in before, but not given the nickel tour. I was impressed by the amount of involvement as well as financial help the congregation has provided over the years to make positive things happen in and outside their religious community. Many people speak highly of the religious communities they are affiliated with but oft times one will find them lacking in community mindsets. It’s not only all about working together as a community within the church, but also reaching out and working at building good within the community beyond the doors of the church. I believe this particular congregation really “gets it” when it comes to understanding that irregardless of another’s faith, they are still there to offer their help in a giving yet secular way. Too many times I find people making judgement calls in business based on what church a person does or does not attend. I find that ludicrous and very narrow minded. There are good people and there are bad people in this world irregardless of what place of worship they attend or even don’t attend. I encourage more of the general public to take a little time out of their lives and visit a few churches in the area other than their own so they can possibly have an opportunity to get to know others in our community as a whole.

Over these past several days I’ve had both the general public as well as private citizens touching on some not so business-like practices within which they found themselves involved. One gentleman spoke about what he just recently discovered when going over his deceased father’s papers and found a billing for over $900.00 from some medical company that after numerous phone calls, found they’re likely non-existent. He said, “This wasn’t something that happened years ago, but only back in 2013.” His father evidently paid it but nobody knows what service was provided. Each year the telemarketers get more belligerent as well as clever in their calls, as well as the near official mailings that are sent out to the general public and many of the recipients being the elderly. Ever so often I’ll have an elderly person show up at my office questioning something that was received in the post. The computers are getting more clever in determining the age group of the people living in homes all across the country. Today I spoke with a contractor about some work one of my clients had done by someone who assured him he would do what he set forth in his contract. When I went over to the site, I found him doing what he said he’d do but in a cheaper and more sloppy fashion. It really doesn’t take someone with a degree in construction to notice cheap as well as inferior workmanship. His only comment was, “You understand now why I’ve been in business all these years and don’t even advertise.” I said, “Well, what I’m seeing in your work thus far appears to be a testament to what you just said.” He did apologize for not getting started earlier due to other jobs he had already promised before mine.

I was reading an article several days ago about the new mafia that’s infiltrating our business world. It’s very discomforting to find people from Russia, Armenia, as well as one or two other countries coming to America under cloaked pretexts and turning into criminals in very big ways. I can only encourage everyone to press hard against them and their forms of skulduggery. We’ll never have paradise on earth, but we certainly shouldn’t have to be watching our backs twenty-four hours a day.

Joe Chodur

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