His world without Six

In spite of the struggle of staying on course in sailing through the high and sometimes turbulent seas of real estate, there are times when I’m overwhelmed with a great feeling of accomplishment. I was fortunate enough to have that feeling recently in working with a charming young gentleman whom I know will make great contributions to our community simply because of his work ethic as well as his all around great personality. People like him leave good lasting impressions with me as well as giving me hope for our future. It’s refreshing to be around someone who doesn’t have that “in your face” attitude. We must always look for those kernels of kindness from others and then pass them on with a paying it forward mentality. In paying forward rather than paying back is so much better because there is no feeling of being beholding to someone.

Random acts of mercy and kindness are the most meaningful simply because the randomness of them creates no pattern for which we believe we must follow. It’s almost like no surprise is the best surprise. Or the random surprise is the most moving surprise. In times of inspiration, I would turn things around and propose opposites. Why can’t we all start sending ourselves greeting cards? Wouldn’t you like to get a very heartfelt birthday card from yourself? When feeling really down, the best uplift would be to find an uplifting greeting from yourself filled with the most appropriate words of comfort. It truly creates a mirror effect for oneself in that you’re speaking to yourself with appropriately chosen words. People say we really shouldn’t be talking to ourselves because of the possibility of creating a sort of split personality. What about turning the radio off and shutting off your cell phone and have a great you to you conversation every morning on your way to work? Certainly people who’ll see your lips moving will likely think you’re on a handsfree phone so there’s no need be embarrassed. What about doing a little self-scolding for something un-necessarily said or done during the day? I was on the phone today speaking about times I’ve made slip ups and quickly corrected them. I dare say there’s likely no one on this earth that I’m more demanding with other than myself, and still there are times when I must get myself back on track from making blind assumptions. Yesterday I dressed for warm weather and became chilled. Today I dressed for cold weather and started baking this afternoon. These temperature swings can leave us all guessing.

On my way to work early this morning I came around a corner downtown and viewed something motionless in the distance on the street. As I traveled closer, I as horrified to find something I’d never before seen in my life. Likely a large truck with tandem wheels must have turned down an alley and ran over a hen duck along with all five of her ducklings. It must have happened not long before I arrived on the scene as the drake flew down just as I passed. A most horrible feeling ran through me in seeing such a sight. I happened to have my camera with me so I stopped and snapped a photo to post here tonight as a grim reminder of how mean spirited some drivers can be to run over a young family of ducks. I always slow down or stop for them as well as nearly everyone else. The cruelty of it all was seeing the father duck today finding his world without six. Such great sadness for me this morning.

Joe Chodur

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