The Promise of Tomorrow’s Sun

The crowd of well wishers has been growing as we draw closer to the possibility of having some very beneficial things happening within the boundaries of our downtown in the near future. One thing I’ve noticed these past few months is that I’m not hearing any negative comments about the proposals people have been reading about of late.

I do sincerely hope Mason City is awarded the grant that’s been submitted by application to the State. One thing I’ve mentioned before about Mason City which I do hope the powers that be in Des Moines realize, is that Mason City really does need to become the northern gateway to Iowa rather than being the last outpost before one enters what I teasingly refer to as The Peoples Republic of Minnesota. Being so far away from any other major city in Northern Iowa, Mason City has been far too much under the radar for years, so now we must place ourselves on the fast track and play catch up. Some naysayers have considered our city having gone through its golden age years ago, but I believe it has not yet arrived. As long as everyone stays focused, diligent and above all community minded, I believe we will start seeing the real Golden Age of Mason City in the fruitful years ahead. To create change, we must have similar goals and be willing to work together for a common good—even if it hurts a bit at times.

I had a chat with someone recently who is very much in the know regarding problematic rental properties in our city and I’m glad to hear that the owners of those properties are being made more accountable for the condition of those residences. The mentality of only taking and not giving back is out the window as far as I’m concerned. Communities filled with only takers and void of givers are left to fall into chronic decay. Civic responsibility as well as pride in ownership is key to keeping a growing community alive and vibrant with new growth. I was paid a very nice compliment today by one of the business owners who’s never been inside my office. Since having never darkened my door, he went on to say he’d never realized how well designed the interior is and praised my countless hours of effort in making it that way.

With the weather taking a quick turn-around from several days ago, I was actually having to roll the window down in my car or turn on the air conditioning. Being confined more to the office with appointments caused me to wish today was yesterday. It’s amazing what happens when the temps climb into the 60’s and 70’s with attitudes and outlooks with the general public. Two different transactions that I’d considered too far apart to come together, now appear that both of them will likely become executed purchase agreements.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow if the warmer weather will melt the block in one of my client’s brain regarding the fair market value of his home. I understand the concept of being 7% – 10% of a likely sale price to listing price, but when those percentages greatly exceed those numbers, we find tedious tasks in educating stubborn and mis-guided sellers. In hopes of a repeat, I’m confident we’ll have a renewed promise of tomorrow’s sun and the arrival of yet another and even better day.

Joe Chodur

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