Field of Dreams

cornWhen we have such beautiful days as these past have been, it seems we wonder where the hours have gone as evening approaches. I’ve had my transom widows open at the office and the fresh cool air flowing through has been delightful. The volunteer gardeners have been at work downtown in the flower beds. After they left my block, I could see a great improvement. Some of the flowers had to be thinned out as well as bushes in need of trimming. The bikers should be impressed with what they’ll encounter while enjoying the downtown festivities. Since my office is located in the heart of downtown where there will be no vehicles allowed on Wednesday, one of the government workers asked me today if I’ll be taking the day off. I said, “Absolutely not. I will be working while enjoying the crowd.” I’m certainly going to be upstairs a few times taking photos of the merriment on Federal Avenue and Central Park. We are indeed fortunate to have the weather on our side for RAGBRAI. I can’t imagine wishing for any better weather. It sounds like there will be a number of Mason City residents taking their bikes to Forest City and peddling back with the RAGBRAI group.

Several prospective tenants who filled out applications for one of my client’s rentals happened to mention they were living on acreages. I found myself on the subject of farm life during the summer. I guess it triggered old yet fond memories. On the farm, days like today were a treat. The sun was not so burning and the humidity was at a tolerable level. The animals even seemed happier. Part of my job was to take care of the piggies. When they would be out in a 10 acre pasture and seemingly in a constant state of curiosity while foraging, I would quietly fill their feed bins and when I was ready for them to come back and eat, I would yell at the top of my voice, “Heerrrr piggy, piggy, pig, pig, piggy, piggy pig, pig PIG!” Oh how they would make me laugh as they would start running for the barn and making that happy “hoffing” sound. They would be running so fast, they looked like giant rabbits running toward me. In the life of piggies, they really did have it made. I’m sure many thoughts went on in their intelligent barnyard minds while waiting for the next call to supper as they grazed in the field of dreams.

Joe Chodur

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