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frank-lloyd-wright-inn-hotel-mason-cityWith the welcome cool weather today, I was busy getting some outside errands done. The clear sky and cool dry wind from the North created another nearly perfect day. The mosquitos were not even so much of a bother like they have been for over a week. They really are thick this year with the humidity and rain creating a perfect climate for breeding. I only wish the dragonfly population with explode as well and get rid of the mosquitos. I spotted a giant dragonfly outside the back of my office in the green area likely going after the downtown mosquitos.

I had an opportunity to chat with one of our law enforcement officials today about the plan for the downtown during the time the RAGBRAI bikers are here. I did mention how I do hope there is a good number of law enforcement on duty during that time. Knowing how people can be people, I only hope that each and every citizen is on the alert of anything happening that would create a bad situation and subsequently unfortunate memories for any one of the bike riders. It is well known that whenever there are big gatherings, there are those who take advantage of the crowds and steal things that don’t belong to them. I remember reading something once that whenever the Pope gives a speech at St. Peters Square, the crowds are heavy and the pickpockets are out in force. There are good people as well as bad everywhere, but when the good people take an active step to curb crime, more of the bad people seem to stay away.

I was touched last Friday when at the Post Office purchasing stamps. A man stepped in front of me and handed a billfold that he found out at the curb of the Post Office. The clerk said he would make sure it was returned. The man left too quickly for me to stop and thank him for his exceedingly good deed. Every time I personally experience something like this, I am fully reminded that there really are good people living amongst us. Bad news travels fast and people focus on it too much at times. I wish our local media would focus more on real life stories of people who have reached beyond what society has expected of them in the good things they have quietly done.

With our visitation of the RAGBRAI just around the corner, I encourage each and every one of the citizens of Mason City to be on their absolute best behavior so that great and good memories of our city will be carried back to their homes.

Joe Chodur

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