Stormy Weather

Stormy-WeatherYesterday evening was one to remember for quite some time. I mentioned several times yesterday we were likely to get a storm due to the way the air felt. It was becoming more damp and heavy as the day progressed. The electricity was out at my home for about five hours and watching the storm move through was a bit frightful. Each time there was a stronger gust of wind, I worried all the more about the tall trees. Luckily I had no large branches or trees being felled by the storm.

When I was driving to work, I did see the aftermath of last night’s storm in and around the city. I empathized for the people who had trees and tree limbs on their roofs and in their yards. I was very surprised to see an entire tree leaning against a home without having smashed the roof. We had just a taste of the ferocity of Mother Nature’s abilities. I’m just glad that no one was severely injured.

When we have a storm of this magnitude, it causes us to realize how ill prepared people are when they are found to be without electricity. We all must always have in our possession, several flashlights with strong batteries, a radio that works on batteries, a supply of drinking water, and of course pre-packaged food. That can be simply saltine crackers or energy bars. One never know when the lights will go back on and be able to cook. Seems all the new home appliances will not work without a source of power. I’m still not sold on the idea of being that dependent on electricity. Perhaps it’s not a bad idea for everyone to have a gas or charcoal grill. At least they don’t require electricity to be started.

It wouldn’t hurt for us to become more familiar with the little tricks of survival of which many books have been written. After last night, we must prepare ourselves for any future batterings. On the bright side, it causes me think about Ella Fitzgerald singing Stormy Weather.

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