Echoes of Summer

Morning-DovesWith the rains having finally stopped, I find myself waiting for the skies to clear. Someone said today, “I’m beginning to think we’re living in the Seattle area.” I’ve never visited the Pacific Northwest but have heard many stories about the endless gray days and misty rains. I had a mid-morning showing of my listing on Briarstone Drive and when I was walking to the rear of the home, I noticed a giant bird circling almost at tree-top level. When I got a better look, I found it to be a Bald Eagle circling downward towards the banks of Briarstone Lake. Wow, what a sight! It must have landed on a lower branch that was beyond my field of vision. I told the buyers about it and they were surprised to hear of an eagle in the Briarstone Lake area. They actually got a glimpse of it later as it was flying off in the distance. That particular property has the most spectacular view of Briarstone Lake which one doesn’t realize until they are in the rear of the home looking west. I consider the home and its surroundings a sanctuary where humanity and nature peacefully co-exist.

With it being the first of the month and dealing with closings coming up this week, I found myself being very much tight on time with appointments. After one of my appointments, I did a quick look at a possible future listing and happened to notice two Morning Doves in a tree. Luckily I had my camera with me to snap a photo. Some people don’t like the cooing of Morning Doves but I think they have a beautiful sound—especially when two or more of them start with the back and forth calling. Some have said their calling sounds too sad, but I think it more a calming sound. I wonder what they would say about the nasty sounds the Starlings make. They are definitely not my favorite birds. They are actually not native to the United States and have caused serious problems for other birds as well as humans. When we had animals on the farm, we used to do everything to keep them away because they were believed to carry diseases from feedlot to feedlot.

I’m happy to find Iowans becoming more nature conscious and creating additional natural preserves for native birds. Twenty years ago, I would never have believed I would see a Bald Eagle circling Briarstone Lake. I hope everyone unplugs themselves when outside these coming months so they can start listening to the echoes of summer.

Joe Chodur

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