Border Crossings

Border-Crossings-2After the sun began to warm the below freezing morning we had today, it turned out to have the feel of real Spring. For it being Good Friday, there seemed to be more than normal activity at the office with phone calls and customer appointments. One of my appointments today took me to a home that reeked of animals. I had to prop open both the front door and back door to keep from being overwhelmed by the smell. It’s remarkable how the human constitution can endure living in such filth and not have a chronic illness of some sort.

After this past month, I’m convinced that the general populous including some of the retired people, are becoming more crass when interacting with others. I believe that much of the social media is to blame for this as well as television programs and some of the more recent movies. I’m so terribly tired of the “f” word being used so freely. Seems it’s becoming part of the normal sentence structure of pubic speaking. People who know me well are more careful about using such language, but the remainder seem to think nothing of it. Whenever I’m out shopping in a busy store, I can’t believe how couples speak to each other as well as their children. In public mind you! I can only imagine what is being said at home. By all means, this is not isolated to Mason City, the State, or likely even the United States.

About two weeks ago I received a phone call on a rental that was already rented. The caller was beyond rude upon discovering the apartment already rented. In a past article I mentioned that some people even ask what religion I am. It happened again earlier this week. I’m going to have to think of some clever response I’ll use when asked again. Guess I’ll have to go back to the days when it was considered best to give a stupid answer when a stupid question is asked. My advice to anyone and everyone who feels as though their standards are being compromised by society, is to merely dig your heels in and keep a tall fence on your border crossings.

Joe Chodur

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