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First-ViewI was delighted to have an opportunity today to speak with a gentleman who is one of the regional directors of a national company. Being of the stripe who looks for a person’s first impressions of Mason City, I spent time questioning him on what he liked about the city.

I was happy to find another complete stranger to our area making positive comments on what he encountered while here. He was particularly impressed with the downtown and how it is revitalizing itself. He did mention how refreshing it is to find this type of re-birth as many of the other cities he visits are still on the downward spiral in areas of their historic districts. I was terribly pleased to hear this.

On even more of a broader outlook, I continue to push people to look at some of the grand older homes in and around the downtown that could be restored to their original grandeur. Many of them are now low-end apartment conversions which of course would create more work, but the end result would be worth it. Being able to walk downtown from one’s home would be but one of the benefits of living in or near the city’s center.

I do hope more of the business owners become a bit more conscientious about the sidewalks and streets in front of their buildings. Early this morning I was out picking up litter about a ΒΌ block in each direction. Littered streets always leave an impression of resident apathy. I can certainly say our downtown is on the right path towards continued growth. We all must remain positive and be willing to make sacrifices along the way. All things are the toughest in the beginning.

Even during the grayest of days like today, everything seemed brighter by hearing but one person’s positive comments regarding his first view of Mason City.

Joe Chodur

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