Thick Ice and Thin Nerves

HippopotamusThis past work week has been beastly to say the least. Each morning when I got in my car and headed off to work, I found the temp below zero. The gale force wind last night was also quite annoying. Even the older people I’ve visited with about this winter agree that they don’t remember a winter with as much snow, as much extended cold, and lastly the seemingly endless days of wind. I have a dear tenant who is from Virginia who spoke briefly today about this winter. He said, “I never thought it could get so cold in Iowa.” I assured him that this winter is an anomaly that will hopefully not re-occur in a very long time. There was a tenant dropping off farm rent today who was so happy to have moved into the city with his young family and didn’t have to endure this winter out in the open. I cannot speak enough about creating green barriers in the countryside to help slow the wind and keep the snow drifting down. I can only imagine what some of the acreage lovers who built big homes in nearly open fields are doing to keep the drifting snow plowed.

Our new Federal Reserve director even mentioned what some of the after effects of this winter will have on the economy in the months ahead. Someone mentioned to me today that I didn’t seem myself. My only response was, “This winter is really wearing on my nerves.” It doesn’t help when I find the general public being in not the best of moods either. If there are any ready, willing and able buyers out house hunting, this is definitely the time to buy. Braving the elements while out looking does have its rewards due to the fact that most sellers are more than ready to sign on the dotted line. I have several public open houses this weekend that are great homes for the money. I even wondered today how the wild animals are handling this winter’s weather. I’m sure if they could speak, they would also be talking about the thick ice and thin nerves in their worlds. It sort of makes you tired of it all just thinking about it.

Joe Chodur

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