Thunder Snow

Mason-City-2-20-2014I can describe today’s weather in one word, and that is CRAZY! I could tell we were headed for a pounding today by the very dark clouds in the south early this morning when it was growing lighter. I hurried to get as many of the errands done before it started. I get very nervous and anxious for people out driving and working in this stuff as well as the stress it places on the trees and shrubs, animals, and the roofs of the homes and buildings. I can’t remember when I have ever seen so much heavy snow being dumped in such a short period of time. I shoveled the walk in the front of my building four times today, and each time it was a chore. The most crazy thing was the periodic thunder I was hearing. Fully experiencing it today caused me to think about a book I read some years ago. It was about Edgar Cayce and some of his prophesies. He mentioned that our world over these past thousands of years is approaching another change in its evolutionary cycle. He said we will know it’s approaching when we find more natural disasters and far more violent storms on sea and land, as well as changes in weather patterns. There will be floods and droughts where they’ve never been before. Each school of thought places the blame on this or that, but perhaps it’s just part of nature’s cycle. I do try to be of the mindset of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, so if sweeping storms move through North Iowa, I’m confident we will all do what needs to be done to keep our community whole. Sometimes I go to one of the fast food restaurants, and today was one of those times. A familiar girl said to me, “How are the streets?” I said, “I feel like a greased pig on ice.” I had nearly the whole place in laughter because of what I said, because was being passed from person to person. Wow, I guess I’m older than I thought. I’ve heard that expression more times than not. I couldn’t believe the number of phone calls on properties I had today at the office. Maybe the thunder snow we had caused the passive/resistive buyers to finally start making some movement towards purchasing homes. Thunder snow. I never would have believed it until today when I personally experienced it.Mason-City-2-20-2014-1

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