Stealing the Spotlight

Sometimes if we think about something long enough, and in time, view it from all angles, we come up with a solution that has been staring us in the face all the time.

With that said, I have come to the personal conclusion that after all the homes have been removed in the Oak Park area due to the damage done from the Flood of 2008, there should be a broad community effort to convert that area into something similar but better than the Central Gardens in Clear Lake. I have heard so many people who visit this area speak about how much they enjoyed touring the Central Gardens. What makes this area of land that is coming available so attractive, is that it is next to the Winnebago River, it boarders East Park and is filled with old growth trees. There are so many people including the seniors of our community that would be more than willing to contribute their time as volunteers in building and maintaining this project. Another point is that because when a person is driving north on North Carolina from 4th Street NE, you get an elevated view of the area as you cross the bridge. With careful planning including trimming the old tree branches taller to create a better view, as well as a more distinct canopy, one would find that there could be planted all the different types of perennials available. If they are shade friendly or sun friendly, or partial to both; there are areas available.

I see not a gated area, but a pedestrian friendly area. The flower beds should be spaced farther apart so that each bed can create their own statements. Busy flower beds are like rooms filled with too much furniture—no thing can make a statement of beauty. As in Japan we should consider empty rooms full, and full rooms empty. So, I challenge any and everyone to bring these thoughts to the powers that be within the City of Mason so that we can steal the spotlight from Clear Lake.

Joe Chodur

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