Conspirators of Progress

Each week there appears to me yet more signs of improvements within our community. Several of the out of town buyers that I’ve meet with have indicated how much they like Mason City—especially the downtown. I ran into an elderly lady in City Hall several days ago. She took me to the side and said, “Mr. Chodur, you must work at getting the south side of Mason City developed.” I smiled and said to her, “We must start in the historic district and work our way outwards. Doesn’t it make sense to start from the center and work outwards?” She agreed but also added, “Don’t let them tear any more houses down!” I guess she must think I have the yeah or nay to structural demolitions in our community.

It has been great to see more young people out walking and running in the downtown area over the lunch hours. I see more and more businesses setting out fall flowers and I’m not finding so many weeds spreading seeds. I actually saw someone picking up a piece of litter on Federal Avenue today and placing it in the trash bin. I’m working with the most delightful young man and his girlfriend who are looking at purchasing a grand older home. His comments about what he would do to the home if he purchases it were precious in that he is one of the few in his age group who speak of planned improvements with the landscaping and exterior appearance. He even went on to ask if it would be possible to plant a tree or two in the parking. I told him it is possible as long as he plants trees that are approved for boulevards. That as well made him happy. I happened to drive past a home that I sold some years ago and noticed the owners outside with a young man who was planting an evergreen tree. I stopped to say “hey” to the owners and asked what they were planting in their yard. The wife said, “We decided to plant a native Red Cedar.” She went on to say, “I hope it grows because it will remind me of the ancient Cedars on my grandparent’s farm.” That was touching. I hope our community in many quiet ways, continues to enlist in their ranks more conspirators of progress.

Joe Chodur

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