Garbage Day Today

We all want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but after seeing time and time again people showing such a disregard for their surroundings, it’s time to say enough! I was in and out of the office nearly all day today due to numerous little tasks I needed to get completed. I was driving over near East Park this morning and noticed someone throwing an empty cigarette pack out his window. I walked down to the Dollar Store and as I was walking I noticed an empty liter soda bottle thrown in the Streetscape landscaping. Of course I picked it up and threw it in the nearby trash bin. Later this afternoon I was in the front of my office with a client and noticed three young boys walking down the sidewalk and as they were walking they were throwing garbage. After my client left, I went out and picked up a nearly sack full of debris and threw it in the trash bin which was about three steps from where they started throwing. Last but not least, I came back to the office later and discovered that someone had dumped a bag of garbage on the center of the alley that had burst. I was out picking up among other things nearly 30 plastic bottles and aluminum cans. I’m not sure where we really place the blame. Is it laziness? Is it stupidity? Is it a form of giving the city and our community some sort of message? Not sure, but I would encourage the powers that be in the city to give stiffer fines for littering. People think that littering just pertains to the big things but in fact I consider it everything from spitting out gum on the sidewalk and streets, plastic wrappers, cigarette butts and any other item that is meant for either a compost bin or a garbage can. I know we have been programmed to believe we live in a throw away world but it really isn’t. We must continue to respect and nurture the world around us. It’s all about respect of nature, respect of each other and lastly respect of ourselves. If we don’t learn to love and respect ourselves, how can we possibly love and respect the world around us?

Joe Chodur

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