Mason City’s 2008 Flood Homes

I am going to continue to be very hopeful that the homes that are left in the flood buyout do go to auction rather than being torn down. Some of these homes have quality of design and construction that you will likely not find in a newer home. Yes, the time and money spent in finding a suitable lot as well as the costs associated with moving, having a basement dug, updating the plumbing and electrical, and concrete flat-work, all seem daunting. But with careful planning, I’m confident the end product will be worth it. I have personally been involved in moving a home and I know what little hick-ups there are. As long as you cover your bases and plan according, there shouldn’t be many surprises. There are enough lenders in the area that will work with people who are thinking about moving a home. If you look in the MLS, you will find there are building lots for sale in price ranges that would make the project financially feasible.

Back when Mason City was expanding around the turn of the century and into the 1920s and 1930s, there were a number of homes that were moved to other sites. I have shown many homes over the years that were moved long after thee were originally built. If it made sense then, then it should make sense now. As a final note, I have always believed when we waste something, then in the future we find ourselves in need. Like the old saying goes, “Willful waste brings woeful want.

Joe Chodur

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