Is it still Summer in North Iowa?

Having arrived at the office early this morning I found that the temperature was quickly on the rise again. Here it is the 7th of September and we are having this icky-sticky heat that doesn’t seem to want to let up. Have you ever noticed when it is late Summer and we have these temperatures how it seems to be a different type that’s more annoying. It’s as if the position of the sun is wrong for it to be so hot and the primitive section of our brains are telling us that this is wrong. I try to understand this and act accordingly. Some of the people I encountered today were a bit “quirky” at times and I just sort of went with the flow. We the residents of Mason City really do have much to be thankful for as far as our weather. Since we are living in the flat-lands, we nearly always seem to have a breeze. How much I appreciate the wind changing direction and coming from the north. It always seems to be a cooler and drier air. The weeds are having a heyday with the heat and humidity. I see weeds going to seed all over town. In my small way, I do try to keep the weeds under control even more so at this time of year as I don’t want to deal with hundreds and thousands more weed sprouts next year. At this late juncture of our season, it is better to worry more about the weed seeds than the weeds themselves. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Yes? So, I ask you all again. Is it still Summer?

Joe Chodur

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