There is great talent living in North Iowa

After a meeting with clients tonight, it has yet again been confirmed that there is talent living in Mason City and North Iowa. Yes, there are times when I have my doubts as to whether the residents of our communities have anything that sets them above the general population of the United States. There are living among us people who can take a plain piece of cloth and turn it into something that could easily be placed on the runway of a fashion show in Paris. There is a jeweler here that creates stunning one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. There is a potter that lives northeast of Mason City that can take an ugly ball of clay and from her kiln emerges pottery that is exhibition quality. There is family that lives not so far from here that has the ability to take the most plain pieces of old wood and pull out that pile of dusty lumber the most beautiful pieces of accessory conversation pieces. There is a woman who can recite Shakespeare in a fashion so moving that you would think she was personally there listening to his plays. I could go on and on speaking of my encounters with people living among us who are more gifted than they could ever imagine. What we all must work at when we encounter them is to praise their genius as well as encourage them to share with the world. Tonight, I consider myself fortunate to see photos that were taken by a client–they sent chills through me. I was truly speechless. I have not been blessed with a talent but rather blessed with recognizing talent. Let’s get them all out into the limelight so the whole world can enjoy.

Joe Chodur

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