Mason City Council Meeting

I attended the City Council meeting this evening this evening and was surprised and delighted to find how much more professionally the meeting was conducted.  It has been several years since I last attended one and I can certainly say that there has been a big and positive change from past meetings I sat through.  Perhaps the Council and City Administration finally “got it” as far as keeping our city government moving in a positive and productive direction. Yes, we will always have the special interest groups attempting to pull us away from a common cause but at least now, the focusing on the good of the general population of Mason City is paramount. The more Mason City and North Iowa pulls together in working towards building up our city and surrounding towns, the fewer land mines and stumbling blocks we will encounter. Having worked with the general public for many years, I have learned and learned well that everyone must compromise and sacrifice to get a big job done. The more like minds working towards bettering a community, the more likely the end product will be bigger and better than what was conceived in the beginning. I truly wish the absolute best for Mason City because this is my home and there is no place I would rather be.

Joe Chodur

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