Waiting for the sun

We have all been enduring these seemingly endless overcast days of May here in Mason City. As these days of gray continue, I have noticed something that I believe to be now more true than I had since believed. The interaction that I have been having lately with people whom I have known for a very long time seem to be markedly different in that they are more on edge and slightly crabby.

It appears the darkness has seeped into the general public’s personalities. I have had sellers, past clients as well as Realtors being more short with me lately and I have to kind of “step back” so I don’t become part of it. What a month May we have experience so far! We went from over 12 inches of snow the first week in May to experiencing a 90+ temperature not much over a week later. I was driving past the Post Office the day it was in the 90s and witnessed some of the postal employees standing together on a pile of snow having their photo taken. Now that should have been on the front page of the Globe Gazette. With all this rain, I think the landlords of our community need to drive past some of their properties. The grass is so tall and the dandelions are growing and blooming with a vengeance.

I am staying hopeful that we continue to get the light slow rains that the farmers call the “million dollar rains” to help replenish the sub soil moisture so that we will have a normal growing season, but I even more wish for some sunny days to help get some of the residents of Mason City and North Iowa out of the dark day blues. Days of sun bring out the smiles.

Joe Chodur

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