My day today was filled with drama, drama and more drama. By the way, if there is anything I despise more is DRAMA! I ask all you readers of this article to challenge yourselves to not get pulled into any kind of drama during your day. You will find that it is exceedingly hard. If you can envision a pendulum in your mind that is swinging back and forth; each time the sweep becomes wider, the pendulum moves farther and farther away from the center. This is an example of drama. We should all work towards keeping the pendulum of emotion moving as close to the center so that there is true balance. If the pendulum stops, we are centered.

The reason I speak about this, is that so many people here in Mason City look for something to chatter about regardless if it’s true or not. Idle gossip is extremely non-productive. My grandmother always used to say that if we have time to sit and gossip, then we have not been kept busy enough. I think that is where the “idle” comes from idle gossip. Getting back to my day. Today I informed some people in a meeting that someone here in Mason City has gone to great lengths to get to find out what another resident owns. Did that person truly accomplish anything other than attempting to make ownership sound dirty? My comment was simply that this person has nearly nothing better to do than pry into someone else’s life. That tells me, that he indeed has no life of his own. So my dear readers, please keep your snooping at a minimum lest you begin to get a wart on the end of your nose. Lets grow real businesses here in Mason City instead of ugly old warts!

Joe Chodur

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