Quiet Cornerstones

I just happened to talk to a long term client and customer today about a tenant he has been having problems with this month. After hanging up the phone, I began to think about how he and his family have done so much good for Mason City. They own rental properties of which they take an active step in keeping the homes and apartments, safe, sound and secure. They are the type of landlords that truly work with tenants’ problems as long as they are legitimate. They have committed themselves to creating a better environment for people who are truly in need. Holtz Realty has sold this family many homes over many years and I can say that each and every one of them are in better condition than when they took possession of them.

If you would ever pass them on the street, you likely wouldn’t know who they are– they just blend into the general population. I never consider doing extras for them because I know they are not users, but rather givers. There is, and always will be a basic goodness about them, and I will continue to think of them as “quiet cornerstones” of Mason City and North Iowa.

Joe Chodur

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