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Another biting-cold day arrived, but fortunately it appears our wind will be going down with the sun this evening. It was quite the crazy weather week we had, so perhaps the coming week will be far better, and from the looks of it, we shouldn’t be having anymore mid-winter temperatures from here on out.

Once I had everything at office completed, I went out to re-open a unit again for an appliance delivery. The gentleman called me early this morning saying he’d be willing to deliver it right away this morning, so it all worked out well in the end, because I didn’t have as much on my plate on this Saturday morning. All went well with the installation, so that’s one more chore I was allowed to chalk off my list.

After I got back from helping with that appliance installation, I changed into my work clothes and headed out to do some deep cleaning on a project that’s fast on its way to being finished. With buckets and cleaning materials in tow, I walked in and got myself situated for what I knew was going to be a near all-day affair, which was fully cleaning the inside of kitchen cabinets and drawers which were remarkably dirty.

I quit counting how many times I had to change the water, and only because those shelves and bottoms were overly-grimy. Each time I moved forward with another cupboard or drawer, I continued to wonder how people in these times, can allow cabinets to get that dirty, and evidently not thinking twice about it. I’ll likely never understand how so much spillage and run-overs of what must’ve been pots, would be on the top and bottom shelves of a kitchen’s cabinets. I fully understand why my dear friend hates eating food at gatherings that’ve come from unknown kitchens. I think I got fully-baptized of her beliefs today.

Since I had no medias playing while I was working, I allowed my mind to go flying off in various directions of thought, and the bulk of those thinkings, were centered around the idea of living a better life, in a much different way from which we now find ourselves, and mostly because we seem to have been forced into doing things against our better judgement, and since everyone else is doing it, it must be the only way.

Having been born a bit of contrarian, I began mentally asking myself questions like, would it be a better way, if we decided to unplug all our medias and communication lines for just one day a week? Can you imagine how crazy some of our younger ones would be if they had no access for simply one day, to communicate with the outside world? I would consider it a good thing because it would allow us to be more aware of our surroundings.

Would it be a better way, if we made a personal commitment to freely and willingly share our talents and treasures with others, and expect nothing in return other than perhaps a “Thanks”? Everyone thinks they’re being generous with their time and talents, but really not, because it’s almost always done in a planned fashion where there’d be some sort of newsy alert on our social medias and newspapers, stating that so and so did this or that. If one is truly looking for self-fulfillment, it must be done freely and quietly. I absolutely love hearing about super-secret anonymous donors, because whatever those people had offered up, was meant for only one purpose–to help.

Would it be a better way, if we stopped making believe we’re singularly so important, that everyone else is one or two steps below, and our time is the most precious commodity? Oh how often I hear people complain about all the ‘extras’ they do for others, but in reality, it’s part of their jobs, and almost always those voices can be heard from our so-called pillars of meritocracy. Considering what they do is part of their jobs, why is it, they’re not out in the general public during their off-hours, assisting those who can’t afford their services? One of the finest minds I’ve ever know in our City who passed away some years ago, freely offered multiple hours out of her week, assisting those in need of her many abilities, and all done freely and willingly.

Would it be a better way, if we started reaching beyond our tight socio-political circles, and begin making friends of those whom we’ve been encouraged to steer away from?  I believe if we truly got to know them, we’d start to find we have much in common, and likely viewing our City, State and Country in different lights. Someone recently told me I shouldn’t be freely sharing my thoughts on hot-button subjects, because I may lose business over it. Well, in my book, I’d rather work with or for someone who offer thoughts, along with being open for debate. I have several colleagues who’re so vanilla, I couldn’t tell who’s Kool-Aid they’ve been drinking, and I’m sure they’re the way they are, just because they don’t want to miss an opportunity to land a listing or make a sale.  I inwardly consider them my pet chameleons. Oops. Now I’m being wicked again.

Ok, now one more. Would it be a better way, if we all got up a half hour early, and spent some singularly quiet time with ourselves, just to get re-acquainted with who we are and what we’ve become? Over the years, I’ve discovered that more people cannot tolerate being at home or work, without some sort of distraction, which of course keeps them from doing a daily ‘check-in’ on what’s been happening with their minds, bodies and spirits. I dare say, the number of people taking advantage of such a great opportunity to spend only a quiet half hour a day with themselves, is few and far between.

Yes, I had a very productive day of cleaning, but even more so, with my wandering thoughts about the opportunities we have to make ourselves and those around us, better.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It always seems impossible until it’s done.

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