A Sow’s Ear

Oh my goodness! I knew it was windy outdoors, because I could hear it blowing the moment I awakened, but when I walked out into it this morning, I had a meta-physical flashback to one of those January mornings when an Alberta Clipper was moving thru. Unfortunately, it was not the least bit pleasant whenever outdoors today. It looks like the cold will be with us one more day, and thankfully starting Sunday, the temps will be moving into more tolerable zones.

Upon arrival at office, I busied myself with my morning routine, and then headed out to meet a delivery person at a home where there was to be an appliance delivered. Unfortunately, the lock on the back gate on his delivery truck had frozen shut, and likely because it had to sit out in yesterday’s rain, and then freeze solid overnight. I could tell he was more flustered than I was, so we agree to put it off until Monday. I’m sure just about everyone who had their vehicles sitting outside last night, were also encountering frozen handles and locks.

After opening up our MLS’s website and seeing what had been reported sold this week, I was again in shock at the prices some of those rickety old houses that’d been ‘lipsticked’, had sold for. I’ve decided today’s buyers have absolutely no clue regarding design and quality of construction. One of them actually caused me to remember that old saying that goes, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”, which was exactly what those previous owners tried to do, to where they not only lipsticked it, they also smeared a whole lot of frosting in and around it. I’m not wishing bad, but there’ll likely be a day when those new owners are going curse the moment they laid eyes on that home, and saying something like, “What were we thinking?’

Just for everyone’s information, 232 – 25th St. SW is now back on the market, and the only reason being, the buyers were asking for additional concessions from the sellers after its home inspection was completed. What I thought was the most laughable, was the fact that nearly all those things they wanted updated, were visible to them when they first viewed it. When looking at its price, nearly everyone would realize that a home it that price tier, is likely gonna need some repairs and updates. Oh well, I’m going to check it off as something that wasn’t meant to be.

With it being St. Patrick’s Day, I made sure to wear a little more than a little green, just to show the world I’m in line with their day of celebration. I’m sure there’ll be a great deal of green beer drinking tonight, but let’s hope all the bartenders know when it time to shut their taps off on those who’ve had enough. Perhaps this bitterly-cold wind will keep them home instead of out in the bars. I’ll likely never forget the birthday of a not so favorite “reli” of mine, and only because it’s very close to St. Patrick’s Day. After all the water that’s flowed under my bridge of life, I’m still remembering all the undue pain and suffering that was placed on my shoulders by that denialist humanoid whom I harbor no hatreds for, but certainly want remaining into perpetuity, as far away from me as possible–but no farther.

A friend of mine sent me a text this morning, just to ask if I’d be in my office mid-morning, so I replied back that I would be, and about a half hour later, he showed up with a St. Patrick’s Day gift for me, which I considered quite the gesture. After he’d given me a little history about the book which is called ‘Growing up in Iowa’, I was even more thankful for getting it. Before he left, we had a good chat about the recent happenings in our life, which always helps to put everything into perspective. His presence can certainly make a person’s day, which was another reminder that we really do have some good folks living in our midst. Tonight’s photo is a shot I took of its front cover.

Since I had some time to read several of those short stories, I’ll be on a burn to read the rest of them, and for sure, once I’ve finished it, I’d be happy to loan it to any of you who’d like to give it a read. Even though I’ve only read two of the fourteen stories contained, I can safely say, they’ll bring back some memories with you which you’ve likely forgotten. One thing I did discover, is how distinctly different a writer’s style can be when jumping from one author to another at the turn of a page.

One of my orders arrived today for my planned garden, and unfortunately that company sent me the wrong package, and just to be sure I placed my order correctly, I went back to the copy of the order I emailed them, and sure enough, they were wrong, so I shot an email off to them, just to see what they were going to do about it. That wronged order, was one more example of why I really don’t like ordering online.

So far, I have a relatively free day tomorrow, and in spite of it being another cold one, I’ll hopefully be able to get some serious cleaning done at a vacant unit before its new tenant arrives. I’ll definitely be glad to see that project completed, and only because it turned out to be much more work than I was expecting, but at least it’ll be done and good to go for an extended length of time, which is why I keep telling myself, “From bad things come good things as long as I reach for them.”

I was delighted to read in the news where Putin now has an arrest warrant on his head for the war crimes he’s committed, so perhaps now the rest of our world’s leaders will finally realize what a devil he really is. Of course when reading about Marjorie Taylor Greene not even knowing that Ukraine is part of Europe, was just another example of her sheer denialist stupidity. By the way, before Putin invaded Ukraine in 2014, it was the largest country in Europe by land mass. Go figure Marjorie!

Tonight’s One-liner is: If you’re going through hell, keep going.

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