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Now that I’m finally used to getting up an hour earlier, I didn’t find it hard to be at office at my normal early hour this morning, which is usually the time I have to get more things done without those random interruptions during business hours.

This morning I had to go digging for a closed file from last year, just to get a closing statement copied and sent out in the regular mail to a seller who’d called late yesterday who was in desperate need of a copy for her tax preparer. Because we’re only a month away from our tax deadline, I try to accommodate such requests in a timely manner.

My thoughts this morning, were taking me back to the grueling interview process over at the courthouse yesterday, where I was unfortunately picked as one of the sixteen whose numbers after all those interviewing questions were answered, would be cut to eight. Having a pretty good feeling about the complexity of that particular case, as well as the amount of information that would be dumped on those jurors, I had empathy for all of them, and especially for the gentleman who was seated next to me during those three and a half hours, and the only reason being, he’s gonna have a real baptism into the world of civil cases being brought before a judge and jury. By the time that case is over this Friday, all of those jurors will feel as if they’d been put thru a psychological wringer. Gosh, I’m glad I didn’t make their final cut.

Having found I was completely out of sympathy cards, I made an early run out to Hy-Vee to buy one, and since I’d not looked at the price before purchasing it, I was shocked to find the scanner showing it was over six dollars. Of course it wasn’t worth my while to take it back, so I gave the cashier a twenty and waited for the change. When she handed me back a couple of ones and some change, I asked, “Where’s my ten?” She was momentarily confused until she realized what she did. For whatever reason, I’m finding more cashiers making such mistakes by either giving me back too much, or too little. Her weak excuse for shorting me, was because she wasn’t fully awake. Hmmm…So, are all the rest of them sleep-walking?

When I got back to office, I wrote a note of sympathy in the card, and then included my memorial for a dear friend whose service was this morning at one of our funeral homes.  After re-reading that card’s verses, I was glad it was the one I picked, in spite of it being a bit pricey.

I was surprised but not, when seeing how few people were in attendance at her memorial, but at least they did have an open casket, which offered me the opportunity to see her for the last time. She looked at peace, which made me feel better about her unfortunate passing.

While there, I visited with all her relatives whom I’ve known nearly my entire life, and especially one of them I’d not seen in decades. While seated next to me, he began asking about several of my sisters, and especially one who was in his grade at the same school. I was a bit teary-eyed when having to tell him she’d passed a number of years ago, which I could tell he was sorry about bringing up the subject. I went on to tell him that it was OK, along with knowing she’s in a much happier place right now.

We did bring each other up to speed with the happenings in our families, and when listening to him talk about the dramas and heartbreaks in his, I couldn’t help seeing them as reflections of the past happenings in my own. Some have said being an only child creates a heavier burden, but over this past decade, I’ve insisted that if I have to come back down the chute to learn a few more lessons, I’m going to put the word out that I want be an only child, and if that’s not agreeable, I’d even accept being tagged as an orphan from birth. As much as I normally dread going to visitations, I was actually happy I made the choice to go.

It was almost Noon when I got back to office, so I rustled up a little something for lunch, and then proceeded to get prepared for a late afternoon appointment to show a young gentleman a home that just came on the market yesterday. I’m not sure if it’s gonna be a waste of time, and only because so many of our Realtors are using photos taken with wide angle lenses. He won’t know until we get there, that it only has a partial basement, and when looking at our assessor’s card, it’s most likely a small area which houses the washer and dryer. I’m telling you, the inventory we have in our market, is minimal at best.

While watering the plants at the front window of my office, I could definitely tell Spring is on the way, and only because of how many new leaves are sprouting from my Jade plants and that exceptionally old Schefflera. For some reason, my Schefflera lost all its leaves last Fall, but once it acclimated itself to those front windows, it’s looking as healthy as ever.

With some time to kill this afternoon, I went back online to get caught up on the news feeds, and just so all of you know, I only read articles that’ve been posted by the highest rated news providers such as BBC, The Associated Press, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The New York Times, and a few others on that very short list, and only because I absolutely cannot stand reading anything that’s been sensationalized. I believe in freedom of speech, but not keen on people stirring up the crowds with lies, just to keep their viewers coming back for more of their tripe. It’s no wonder so many of our young don’t even bother taking the time to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world, which is very unhealthy for the development of discerning minds.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Dogma is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet.

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