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Of course my first duty of the day, was to get a good round of snow shoveling done before it was heavily pack by pedestrians. I was glad to later find those shoveled sidewalks having completely melted off what I didn’t get shoveled, and especially when it comes to getting all the snow off those poorly placed pavers out at the front of my office. I’ll not forget the day I got into it with the so-called foreman who had an East Coast accent. My gosh those Easterners can be the most loud-mouthed, aggressive, and downright blind to a problem before their very eyes. Of course the City wouldn’t make them re-lay them, so there they remain for all to see. You really don’t notice how bad they are until you actually stand back and look.

Oh, the phone lines were hot again this morning over some additional local news that was recently published, and of course nearly everyone, after spouting off their protests regarding the dysgenic idiocrocy that’s steering our city’s boat, finally cooled down and passed it all off as just one more example of how those who’re not financially struggling, get all the freebies, and especially if they’re non-natives. Go figure. As I’ve said a hundred times, if we as a community don’t shed the personal differences we have with each other, we’re not going to move forward as a vibrant community. The generational divide and conquer mindsets that’ve taken hold in this bloated village, is definitely beginning to exhibit the end results of such long-term divisions.

Did you know that back in 2020, there were 736 thefts reported in our City which was markedly above our per capita national average? Well, my take on this, is the increased drug dealing and abuse, the homelessness, the increased disparity between our blue collar worker wages, and those who’re part of our City’s meritocracy. Yes, whether we want to admit it or not, the demographics of our community is rapidly changing, so I think it’s time for a house-cleaning, and then turn the boat around and start all over. These are not just my words, but more of the general sentiment of those I encounter on a near daily basis. I can assure all of you, it wasn’t that way twenty years ago, so I think it would be a good idea to look back and start drawing some comparisons.

After I had my shoveling done, it was time for me to head out of town to my appointment with a professional, which didn’t get me back to office until well after the Noon hour. The meeting was longer than I’d expected, and mostly due to my having decided to share some life-changing things a very mean-spirited person did to me, and to this day, I’ve not been able to get my brain fully wrapped around it. When relaying the chain of events to my listener, I could tell he was appalled by it all, and by the time I was finished, all he could say was, “In the end, I’m sure those involved in it, will be haunted by it for the rest of their lives.” All I could say was, “I hope so, because they deserve it, and more.” I normally don’t spill my guts about such things, but that gentleman has been a trusted confidant of mine for a number of years. It was all good.

When I got back to office, I had some emails and phone calls to return, and for whatever reason, I was getting some bizarre calls from so-called investors looking to purchase real estate, along with another texting me a link to a property he’s wanting to sell, which didn’t match up to the current owner. My goodness! These fraudsters are back at it with a vengeance, so once I got them off the phone, I immediately blocked their numbers.

I’d been waiting for a buyer to text me back regarding a showing, but for some reason, he must’ve had to work late, or something else kept him from getting back to me. I later sent him a text saying I’d be available this weekend, so we’ll see.

Having received in an email, the music I’m to play at First Congregational Church, I decided to run over there this afternoon, and only because I had several hours free. Thank goodness I went over and found their versions of those hymns, because their melodies were just enough different to where if I would’ve used my music, they likely wouldn’t have been able to follow. What a relief I discovered it, and as chance would have it, while practicing, that whistling pipe started up, so now I know exactly which key and corresponding pipe is causing the problem. That’ll be some good news for their organ technician. There’s no question I’ve come to enjoy playing their large pipe organ.

When I returned to office, I happened to run into the gentleman who’s the owner of Twisted River Farms who was delivering some fresh veggies to my neighbor next door, and when seeing what he was delivering, I’m sure he now has a heated greenhouse where he’s able to grow them this early in the year.

Since I’d not spoken to him for a good four or five years, I was happy to hear his business is expanding to where he’s now got a good three and a half acres under management. Of course I couldn’t help sharing some of the stories about the customers we had when selling fresh out our big gardens. I discovered he’s not had the problems with customers we did whenever there’d be one or two who’d insist on a bushel being a heaping bushel of whatever, along with the quarts of fruits being heaping quarts. I had to laugh when saying, “It was usually those who drove the most expensive cars up our lane.” To this day, I still run across those of such mindsets, which always resurrect those tucked-away memories. Well, when you think about it, they likely didn’t get the coin they have if they didn’t try to chisel every vendor they came in contact with. I can assure you, not one of them were able to take it with them as they were rapidly circling their drains of life.

My conversation with him, ended up being the highlight of my day, and also caused a kick-start for me to get what seeds ordered I’ll be needing this Spring.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Just because you’re able to silence, doesn’t mean you’ve converted.

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