The House Of The Spirits

That radiating cold was upon us once again this morning, and likely due to the high humidity created by today’s slushy snow which was pretty much melting off as it hit surfaces, but unfortunately, once our closing hours arrived, the snow started coming down with a vengeance. Of course the shoveling I’ll be doing tomorrow, will be more of a struggle, and only because of how heavy that wet snow will be.

It was somewhat of a quiet morning, so I busied myself with getting some correspondence sent out, along with making a few necessary stops in our Downtown. I can’t believe how quickly the first week of this month has passed, but at least I managed to get a few homes sold during that time. I’m continuing to beat the bushes for new listings, and only because I have several buyers who’re anxiously waiting for something in their price range to come on the market.

After today’s additional research on the recipients of that PPP money, I’ve decided to move on, and only because it’s all in the past. When visiting with a colleague today, it was mentioned that accountants and business associates were pushing to sign up for that ‘free money’, even though in my mind, they didn’t deserve it. If I’d thought of it at the time, I would’ve added one of my mother’s favorite phrases which went something like, “So just because everyone else is jumping off a cliff, you think you should jump along with them, even when you know it’s wrong?” That remark was used used more than once by her while in debate over something one of my siblings wanted to do. Yes, that remark usually ended their conversation. Yes, there’ve always been hard truths in many of those timeless sayings that were likely generationally passed along.

When speaking about this business of something being right or wrong, my thoughts go back to the effects morphic resonance has on humans, to where I’m now wondering at what point, does learned behavior suddenly become hard-coded? Personally, I’d say my core beliefs are closer to having been hard-coded, and only because I would at times, have to go deeper into explaining why something should or shouldn’t be, whereas if it was a learned behavior, I wouldn’t have been able to make my thoughts more clear, by going into greater detail. Make sense?

Indeed I’m no angel or saint, but whenever being confronted by something that’s in a gray area, my judgement becomes a near knee-jerk reaction from which I rarely if ever back down. Of course I become all the more bristled whenever someone attempts to change my mind by offering up their weak justifications. Just remember, whenever around someone who’s eyelids are batting at an abnormal rate, you can be sure there are lies being told, or hidden agendas being carried out. Pay a little more attention, and you’ll soon discover. I personally know a good handful of rapid eye-batters whom I keep safely at a distance.

I’m sure there were a few people’s ears burning in our area while I was on the phone with my dear friend this afternoon, and only because we’re close enough to where we speak our minds while naming names. I’m truly happy to have her as a friend, because she’s been my relief valve more than she believes. I even shared my thoughts about those who’re held high in their religious circles, and only because they’re now part of separate prayer groups in their churches. Oh, wouldn’t I love to crawl into their minds while their going thru their rituals, just to get a peek at what they’re really thinking. It actually reminds me of people who belong to the Chamber of Commerce, and making it look like they’ve attained some great goal in life, which is why after the many years Holtz Realty’s been a member of their circle, I finally realized they were doing absolutely nothing to promote not just my business, but other small businesses as well. After a decade of writing checks out for those yearly dues, I finally asked myself, “Can’t you put this money to a better use?”, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing ever since.

My last appointment of the day, was to meet with a buyer at a home which I knew he wouldn’t like, but as always, the more they see, the more they’re come into an understanding as to what’ll work, and what won’t. Since his father was along to give his opinion, it ended up being nixed, of which I was in full agreement.

Somehow we got on the subject of the bridge to nowhere, the ghost hotel, and that dead Southbridge Mall, and since his father is a native, we spent a good amount of time walking down memory lane as to what Federal Avenue looked like before they built that disgusting mall. He also agreed that it should be scraped off the map, and then build a south entrance to Federal Ave., just like the one we have at the north end of our so-called Historic Downtown. We agreed that unless you actually lived the experience of those many beautiful buildings which graced that block or two, you can look at all the old photos you want, and still not have a feel of what it was really like. After today’s conversation, I concluded that his father is definitely in possession of a fine mind.

When one of them mentioned something about haunted houses, I couldn’t help sharing my little bit longer than normal true story about the poltergeist I encountered at a acreage a number of years ago. Before beginning, I insisted that everything I shared with them, was the absolute truth. I hope neither one of them have a nightmare tonight.
Yes, I told them exactly what happened during the course of my listing and subsequently selling that very haunted homestead.

I did agree to share a few others, but I’ll definitely keep quiet about my experiences with the home I’ve long ago named, ‘The House of The Spirits”, and only because there are powers living within which are able to radiate outward to points unknown. I’ve come to the conclusion, those multiple mind-reading entities are warlike and never to be crossed.

Tonight’s One-liner is: In politics, the choice is constantly between two evils.

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