Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Another cold and damp day arrived, and in spite of my being indoors more than I was out, I swear I could feel the dampness radiating inward. I’m only hoping we’re not going to get nailed with a great deal of heavy snow, because that’s what usually happens when we’re on the tail-end of winter.

Pretty much my entire morning was spent working on my end of the month accounting, along with going back over to that nasty lockbox which went kaput, but unfortunately, the company’s call center had me going back to try every one of their alternative options to get it open, and it still didn’t work. So there went my entire morning. Now I have to meet a locksmith out at the unit to get the box cut off the railing it’s attached to. At least the lockbox company’s footing the bill for that procedure.

I’m sure all of you share my sentiments regarding how poorly trained, as well as staffed the call centers our companies and corporations have under contract. Both yesterday and today’s so-called technicians, were slurring their words, along with speaking a hundred miles an hour, which was causing me to bristle. Unfortunately, I had to raise my voice on one of them yesterday, but at least she did finally slow down enough to where I could understand what she was saying.

Even back when I was young, I never rattled off my words at such a speed, and especially while at work. I’m coming to believe many of those call centers have scripts their workers are to use, and of course when you’ve said the same thing so many times, a person would speed up. Just thinking about it now, I’m sure that’s what they do, because I now remember back when I was a child where my mother was listening to me say my evening prayers. There were times when I’d be sailing along as fast as I could just to be finished with them, until I suddenly felt her giving me that piercing look which I swear was being drilled into my brain at the back of my head. Yes, that was definitely one way to get me to slow down and recite them in a more pious fashion.

Since I was already out of office, I decided to head out to a bank on the west side of our City, just to pick up an abstract which needed to be delivered to our abstract company for updating. Knowing that property’s going to have a quick close, I figured it best to stay on top of it with any and all of my time-sensitive duties. It came as no surprise to find their lobby empty of customers, and likely due to our spiking mortgage interest rates. They’re now sitting at just shy of seven percent which I find troubling.

Before I headed back to the Downtown, I made a quick stop to check on a vacant home, just to make sure the heat was on and there wasn’t some homeless person who’d broken in and decided to take up residence. From what I was hearing today, it sounds like we’re getting an influx of homeless in our area. Not but a month ago, I was told that there was one that’d started to make a ‘nest’ under a loading dock, but fortunately the owner became proactive and removed the cardboard and blankets, and then placed a barricade under the platform, just so he or she couldn’t start nesting again.

I happened to notice a home that’d come on the market this morning which fit the price range of one of my buyers, and wouldn’t you know, after calling the agent about it, I was told that an investor was driving by, just as the yard sign was being set it place, and what’s magical about it all, after the investor had a good look it, an offer was placed on it right then and there, so now it’s sold. How serendipitous that must’ve been for all parties. I still believe in the Easter Bunny. Don’t you? Oh shoot! Now I’ve got that song “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” rolling around in my brain. Ugh!

After delivering that abstract, I headed over to a title company to pick up a package they had waiting for me, and since I’d not spoken with one of my favorites of their staff, I had a nice catch-up chat with her. One thing I really like about her, is the way in which a person can get her to laugh. But on a more serious note, she mentioned something that truly moved me, and that was back when her mother prayed deeply every day until a very serious physical issue one of her grandchildren had, and then completely and almost miraculously relieved of that very serious physical condition. Now that was another example of how the power of prayer can make near impossible things happen.

I’d say I spent a total of a good hour today on the phone with those who’d clicked on that link I shared with all of you on my journal page last night, and all I could say was, “I couldn’t sleep nights if I’d taken un-due advantage of a government program.” I’ve come to believe that there are far too many of the mindset who insist that if it’s being offered, it’s there to be taken. It’s no wonder there’s been a buying spree in real estate there past two years, so now I have a better idea as to how those people were able to expand in such a fashion. I’m sorry to say, I’m of the mindset there was more abuse of that program, than there was actual good being done. Oh well, it’s all on them, so I’ll continue moving forward.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on what’s been happening in Ukraine where those Russian soldiers and their mercenaries are trying like ‘yell’ to take over that city in the Donbas. I think Zelinsky’s got it right when saying, that the fall of Bachmut to the Russians, will give them more of an open road to conquer other cities in that area. It does sound like the Ukrainian army is working very hard at eliminating as many of those mercenaries who’re part of the Wagner Group. As far as I’m concerned, that group is nothing less that an army of soulless butcherers. Keep in mind, they killed many innocent people in Syria and Africa, and all because they were on Putin’s payroll. Let’s keep praying.

Tonight’s One-liner is: To tax a community for the advantage of an already monied class, is not protection, but rather a calculated plundering.

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