A Killing Winter For North Iowans

Our morning started out with a bit of a drizzle, and then remained overcast nearly all day with the exception of a few sun-breaks. I’m definitely not looking forward to the snowstorm headed our way, but at least its effects with be short-lived.

Other than having to run a few errands, my morning was pretty much filled with desk work which was created by my double-header sales this weekend. I kiddingly told my dear friend this morning, that I finally got off my lazy bum, and went to work at getting a few homes sold. I hate to even admit it, when saying my office now has only one active listing, which has prompted me to start going after more in earnest. I do have several sellers who’re getting their homes prepped for sale, so I’m gonna have to start going down a few rabbit holes to ferret-out new listings. Indeed this shortage is not specific to my office, because I know my competitors are suffering similarly.

I had to run out to a paint store and pick up three gallons of basement floor paint which I’ll be using on my nearly finished project, and when I was given the amount due, I just about had a jaw-drop when being told it would be $234.00, which was another example of the continued spiking in costs for goods and services.

Just today, I happened to see a tradesperson driving a likely brand new high-end pickup which must’ve cost close to $80K, and all I could think of, was his paying for it with his bloated pricing, and to think so many of these graduating high schoolers, think they’re gonna make it big with a degree in some field that’s already saturated. I do know we also have a shortage of teachers and nurses, so make sure you pass that fact on with your soon to graduate children and/or grandchildren.

While in conversation with a colleague, I mentioned my having been asked by a gentleman, what church I go to when I’m not playing over at St. Paul Lutheran. I did give him an acceptable answer, but then next time someone asks me, I’ll likely tell them that I’m bi-faithful, and sometimes even tri-faithful to our area Christian denominations.
I guess the most interesting part about being asked such a question, is the possibility that they’re worrying more about my soul, than the health of their own. Too funny.

I had to make a trip up to Manly and check on the progress of work that’s to be done on a listing of mine that’s under contract, and while driving up, I happened to notice a sizable flock of swans on one side of the highway, and an even larger group of Canada geese on the other. When seeing them, had me convinced Spring is indeed on its way, and you can bet I’ll be tickled pink when it arrives, because for more reasons than one, this winter has been a beast in my book. Oh, and another furnace went out today, but luckily only due a thermostat’s batteries having gone dead. My goodness! Even the price of batteries have skyrocketed.

While driving down another street today, I couldn’t believe the amount of trash there is to be seen on the porches and front lawns of so very many homes. My eyes are sore’d every time I see muddy vehicle tracks created by those lazy owners or tenants who have to pull up as close to their front doors as possible. The more I see such, the more I’m beginning to believe many of our residents have mindsets that’ve devolved into those of hillbillies. For whatever reason, seeing people parking like that, grates on me terribly.

Before leaving that paint store this morning, I was button-holed by the husband of a couple I’ve done real estate work for over the years, and for whatever reason, he really does enjoy making sassy remarks, and today it was all about what I was or wasn’t doing, why he’s not seen me in church, and the list went on. Since he was being waited on by another clerk, I winked at the one serving me and said, “He’s always this way whenever I’m in his presence.” Yes, there are those who think their filled with dark humor, but not. I personally like to hear a good piece of dark humor, but only if it’s not intentionally directed at someone who’s in the company of others. I’m sure those two clerks must’ve thought he had an axe to grind for me, and if he does, then I’d be more than obliging when after he had his axe ground, I’d be handing it back to him blade-first.

I had a very sad and tear-induced call today from the husband of a dear friend of mine whom I’ve known for a good five years, and only to announce that she’d passed away. I knew she was struggling with a bacteriological infection, but the last time I talked to her which was less than a month ago, she considered herself well on the way to being over it. While writing this, I’m still in shock, along with being very sad to’ve not been able to say goodbye before she passed.

From the first time I met her, I could sense we’d traveled down similar paths, and once I got to know her, my suspicions were confirmed. I’m now beginning to wonder if she sensed her days were numbered when she decided to gift me that beautiful tea cup and saucer that was her mother’s, which is the very one I took a photo of, and then shared with all of you. I’ll definitely have to go to her memorial service and offer my most sincere condolences. There’s been many in agreement that this has truly been a killing winter for North Iowans.

I’ve already got morning appointments scheduled, so it looks like I’ll be heading to office all the earlier, just so I can get the remainder of the bills that came in, paid and sent out in the mail. I’ll be having lunch with two of my out of town relatives, so hopefully I’ll have my spirits lifted after hearing about my friend’s death. For sure, I’ll likely wake in the morning, thinking her passing was just a bad dream.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Moderation is the center wherein all philosophies, both human and divine, meet.

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