The Wind Comes

Our weather was an about-face of yesterday’s where we had a pleasant morning, but when our afternoon hit, the wind and light rain had me looking for something warmer to put on while outdoors. Yes, our weather in North Iowa can be quite unpredictable when it comes to how our temps can quickly swing in opposite directions. I still don’t know why I walked out without my wool overcoat this morning.

Once at office, I headed to my contemplative corner, just so I would have my Sunday morning spiritual session completed before attending to some pressing real estate duties. It was another good experience, and what was the most uplifting, was finding that dark force entity I’d been struggling with, being almost entirely driven out of my sacred spiritual space. I was reminded how easy it is to allow someone or something into our inner circles, but oft times having a monster of a time getting them driven out. I consider such creatures, psychological and/or spiritual vampires which if allowed, would drain a person dry of all energies.

My organ playing over at St. Paul Lutheran, went well, but what pleased me the most, was having found there were well over 50 people in attendance. Pastor Harris did a fine job with her sermon, which centered around the Holy Spirit, which for most, is rarely talked about in Christian circles, which I’ll never fully understand, because the power of the Holy Spirit is far greater than most believe. I did mention today, the reason why that part of the Trinity as been pushed aside, is because nearly everyone’s not willing to quiet themselves down enough, so they can hear the whisperings of the Holy Spirit. When Christ spoke of the Holy Spirit, he compared the power from above, to the wind where he says we don’t know where the wind comes from, and we don’t know where it’s going.

I decided to head downstairs to get a half-cup of java, just so I’d be fully-charged for my busy day ahead, but instead of walking out with it, I went and sat with a group of ladies who were talking about all the little hobbies they had. One is a master at creating stained-glass pieces, another knows how to basket weave and spin yarn on a wheel, and the list went on. Well, one of them asked me if I knew anything about stripping, and of course I had to be a bit wicked when saying, “Even in my ancient age, I still consider myself one of the best male strippers in Mason City.” They all got a laugh out of that line. Yes, I did give her some time-saving pointers on how to get a small piece stripped.

I really got some laughs out of them when I shared a story about my having been sucked into stripping the stinkiest piece of junk for a woman who always had the ability to get me to do something for her pro bono. Well, after getting that worthless cabinet stripped of its rock-hard varnish, and then later delivered to her doorstep, my words were not the most pleasant when insisting it was the last time I’d be talked into such a project, and especially when knowing I was thanklessly being used, and thus has it remained.

After my chat session was over, I headed back to office to grab a listing file I’d readied for my meeting with the sellers of the home located at 43 River Heights Drive here in Mason City. Upon arrival, I proceeded to get all the listing docs signed and several exterior photos taken of it, and one of them, happens to be tonight’s photo.

You’re likely wondering why I haven’t included any interior photos, and only because the owners are still doing some finishing touches on it. Having already shown it earlier to a prospective buyer from out of town, and then alerted last night that it was time to make an offer on it, you can bet I was in high-gear to get that sale put together, and that’s exactly what took place. Without a doubt, it’s gonna be a win/win situation for both my sellers and the buyer.

Once that home is ready for photos, I’ll be back out there to take the interior shots, and only because I’d like the general public to see the fabulous job the owners had done with that home. There’s not been one square inch of the home that’s not been touched by them, and it shows. Just for starters, there’s a brand new kitchen, a new bath and half bath on the main floor, all new floor coverings, fully painted inside and out, the plumbing and wiring updated, and the list goes on.

What puts that home way above the rest, is it’s location, which is only a stone’s throw from the Meredith Willson footbridge which makes for easy access to the library, museum and our Historic Downtown. I could see myself perched out on that delightful front porch every summer’s eve, while enjoying the views of Willow Creek, I’ve always had an endearing soft spot for the River Heights area, which spans generations. Truth be told, my grandmother lived in that area, and loved every moment.

My afternoon was pretty much taken up with getting my new listing/sale posted online, and then showing several homes to a buyer I’ve been working with, who’s been an absolute delight. His parents are usually with him, which I always appreciate whenever working with a first-time buyer, and only because they’re getting the full low-down on the good and bad features of homes which are oft times, are easily dismissed by their children.

If you know anyone who’s thinking about selling their home that’d be in the under $125K range, please let me know, because I just may have a buyer for it. There’s a lot to be said about the benefits of not having droves of prospective buyers tromping thru a person’s home, which is why we’re seeing more new listings selling right out of the gates.

Tonight’s One-liner is: To be conscious that you are ignorant of the facts, is a great step to knowledge.

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