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Welcome all to the month of March! I’m so looking forward to being completely over winter with the shedding of my heavy togs and high heat bills, along with all the extra stresses that come with living in this arctic tundra we call North Iowa.

My first duty of the morning, was to go and check on a newly vacated home which after my inspection, will be in need of several hours of repairs and touch-ups. For whatever reason which is yet to be revealed, I’ve come to believe that cleaning the oven of a stove must be the most hated and possibly overlooked chore for nearly every tenant that’s moved out of an apartment or home. Of course when someone says they’ve fully cleaned, I’ve come to believe it’s just the going over of the visible surfaces, but it doesn’t take long for me to discover greasy surfaces on areas that one has to look for, such as the top of a refrigerator. I can safely say, there’s not been one house or apartment I’ve lived in, that wasn’t cleaner when I moved out, than before I moved in. Whatever happened to the maintaining of self-esteem and social standing which kept most of us in line?

With it being the first of the month, I was busy with banking, accounting and bill paying, which I managed to get caught up on before my first appointment arrived, so now I’m back on track with my back-room duties at office.  I’m not sure if it was the a by-product of another gray day, but I can honestly say, my filters were completely off whenever on the phone, or speaking with someone in person, and today’s subjects revolved around the crazy things our City’s been doing for far too many years.

My first sermon, was about how certain nameless people in our City, have insulated themselves to the point to where there’s no outside oversight on their work, and especially when it has to do with their dealings with the general public. I insisted that there are those who’ve challenged the proclamations of those heads departments, and then forevermore, being considered something less than tax-paying citizens, and only because their weak reasons for nixing something that those people either wanted or didn’t want, were being challenged. My last remark was, “You’d better make whomever’s got the last word, feel as though they’re the smartest, the hardest working, the most generous, and even possibly the best looking, and heaven help you if you even show the slightest inkling of being in possession of a grain or two more intelligence, because that’s when the curtains will come crashing down on you.” Since I’m a packrat when it comes to record-keeping, I just recently found a document which was my confirmation that our City’s government started going sideways a little over 20 years ago, and from that point in continued to grow worse. It surprised me but not, when today’s listener was in near-full agreement with my views.

Since I was long overdue for a good shearing, I headed over to a clip shop, and luckily I found only one car in the lot, so in I went, and to make my time there all the better, my favorite was the one who came to get me. Oh my goodness! We certainly had a some really good stuff to talk about, and since she’d already got to know me from past visits, she had some filterless thoughts about the direction our City and State is moving. Since she’s a transplant from a western State, she more clearly sees the wrongs which the rest of us have considered above reproach. I didn’t realize we were kindred spirits until she started sharing her thoughts about fake friendships and toxic relationships, along with her views on this growing mob of religious who take versus out of their Bibles, and then use them as a defense for putting others others down, and especially towards those who’ve not sipped their Kool-aid. I had to interrupt her by saying, “That’s a classic example of situational ethics which has become quite commonplace in our times.”  Gosh, that was one heck of an uplifting hair-cutting session, and by the way, she did a stellar job with my hair. Perhaps our intense chatting session, lifted her abilities to the next level.

While out and about today, something caught my eye, so I stopped and took the above photo to share with all of you. What you’re looking at, is the back-end of the Egloff House which was moved at a staggering expense from that low area near East Park. Just look at all the cracked stucco, and when you go around front, you’ll see even more. Of course I distinctly remember “know nothing” me, having insisted way back then, that when they get it off the ground, those solid walls, having been constructed with clay-tile block, were going to crack, and crack, and crack some more. So “silly me” can say I told them so. Of course all that time and money spent, has provided our City with one more white elephant that’s off the tax rolls. Have any of you heard if they have those visiting interns living there yet?

My last gripe tonight, all started when I was doing some research on a home in Clear Lake, and for whatever reason, I questioned the real estate taxes in comparison to its assessed value, so down another rabbit hole I went. Oh my goodness! After doing three random comparables, I found that we the residents of Mason City, are paying between $5.50 and $5.75 more per thousand of the assessed value of our homes. Just to make my discovery more clear, I use the example of two homes which are both assessed at $175K; one being in Clear Lake, and the other in Mason City. With only using $5.50 as the difference, that Mason City homeowner would be paying $835.00 a year more than the homeowner in Clear Lake. Now tell me, where in the “yell” is all that money going? You all have seen how Clear Lake is mushrooming, yet still their tax base is lower than our City’s. I’m surprised no one has recently reported on that huge difference, and just remember, both are in the same County. It looks like the financial follies of the few, are being paid for by all. How regrettable for those who’re struggling to make ends meet.

Tonight’s One-liner is: There’s no index of character, so sure as the voice.

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