Unlocking The Secrets

We can now waive this last gray day of February goodbye, because tomorrow we’ll be welcoming in March, and I’m sure you all remember the old saying about the first of march which goes something like, “If it comes in like a lamb, it’ll go out like a lion, and visa-versa.”, so it sounds like tomorrow will be a repeat of today which means the month will go out like a lion.

Having pushed back my normal desk work for more days than normal, I busied myself this morning with paying a few bills and filling out required forms, but what’s really been grinding on me, is my having been chosen for jury duty for the month of March. Ugh! The last time I was interviewed, wasn’t a pleasant experience because one of the interviewing attorneys made some very inappropriate comments which I considered insulting. I knew at that moment I wouldn’t get picked.

Once again, I had to start calling around for available contractors in our area who’d be available to install a sliding-glass door. I did manage to connect with one who said he’d call me in a couple of days and go look at it so he could give me an estimate. I’m not going to bank on it until I get a call from him to go meet him at the property. Unfortunately, it’s not like the old days where there were all the many willing to work on small projects, but that’s not the case in these times. I’ve come to believe they don’t even care if word gets out about their un-reliability, and only because they’ve got people on their lists who’re willing to wait for months on end.

I made quick trip out to Menard’s, just to take a photo of the many contractor cards they have under glass, which I’ll start calling tomorrow. Unfortunately, the one and only sliding door they had in stock that would fit, just happened to get sold several days ago, so now we’ll have to wait another week for a new shipment to come in. I know many people consider Menard’s their “go to” store, but I personally don’t like shopping there, and only because they seem to be always changing brands and models. Someone told me some time ago, that the reason they do, is because they get discontinued lines on the cheap from manufacturers. It would be interesting to find out if that’s indeed a fact.

Of course I happened to notice one of their workers in a huddle with several other employees, who just happened to be one person who on-and-off, was running me ragged for several years, and then ended up purchasing a FSBO. Thank goodness I didn’t have to engage in any form of conversation, because I likely would’ve said something memorable. Yep, just another one of those “all about me” people who believe everyone else’s time is worth absolutely nothing.

Since I was out on the west-side, I called one of my clients to see if he was working at his project house, and since he was there, I decided to stop and have another look at his progress, and glad I did because it’s really starting to take shape to where there’s not much of anything left to do inside, other than those time-consuming touch-ups and clean-ups. Once that’s done, the only thing that’ll be left, is getting the basement cleaned up and painted, along replacing an old toilet and sink that’s down there. I can’t wait to see the end results.

After I arrived back at office, I proceeded to send out several emails to clients, just to keep them updated on what’s been happening with the homes they have listed, and once that was done, I decided to get back to my last and final session of cracking walnuts. After a non-stop two and a half hours, I finally had them all cracked. Yeah! To think I started out with five big bins of them, and now they’re all empty.

Once I had everything put away, I began reflecting on how much down-time I had to get some serious deep-thinking done, which ended up being the extra bonus from it all, and believe you me, there were some hours spent with my unlocking the secrets as to why some people had said and done some of the most underhanded, disrespectful, and downright dirty things to me these recent years. But on a positive note, I have them all, including the Capbend Group, stored in an imaginary jar that’s been fully sealed, and placed high above reach on an invisible shelf at my office, which is where they’ll remain. Several of them were nasty buggers to catch hold of, and then get them jam-packed in with the others. Yes, like resistive hogs being loaded for market, they knew where they were going.

After getting a good look at this Sunday’s bulletin from St. Paul Lutheran which was sent via email to me yesterday, I bristled when finding they’d changed some hymns, as well as added several which I’d not heard or played before, so off I drove to the church where I found all I needed except one, so tomorrow morning, I’ll be placing a call to their new Pastor, just to get some clarification. Unfortunately, one of those hymns, is filled with syncopation which many don’t like to sing, so we’ll be talking about that as well. That church has got some really good music to choose from, but sometimes their picks aren’t suitable for their older voices, of which they have many.

My last appointment for the day, was to meet my buyer and a gentleman from Floor to Ceiling, just so they could get some measurements and decide on color samples and window treatment designs. I really don’t mind taking the extra time, and especially when knowing I’d be able to see some of their new-to-the-market samples.

I no more than arrived home when I received a call from a client’s tenant who’d locked himself out, which sent me back Downtown to grab my set and get him indoors. Ugh!

Tonight’s One-liner is: Through perseverance, many people win success out of what seemed destined to be certain failure.

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