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That muddy cloud-cover we had all day, was enough to dampen the spirits of just about anyone, but what likely made it all the worse, was the cold and damp air which caused our temps to feel all the chillier. I still can’t believe how much rain we had last night, because while driving to work, I noticed several streams having risen over their banks. Don’t you think it’s a bit early in the year for flooding?

My first appointment early this morning, was a meeting I had with the seller of 16111 – 245th St. here in Mason City, to run thru all the offers we received over the weekend on that property. After going thru each one of them, and then having a short chat, the seller decided to accept one, and then reject the remaining.

I’m truly happy for the seller, but also feeling a bit sad for the others who were in hopes of getting that home purchased, and as soon as the seller left, I proceeded to call the agents representing the other buyers, along with also placing one to a buyer I had on it.  You’ve heard the old expression, “Don’t kill the messenger.” haven’t you? Well, that’s always the feeling I have whenever relaying such news. Yes, there are some very unhappy campers right now, but unfortunately, I had to follow the seller’s instructions.

For being such a miserably gray day, I found myself out of office more than in, and only because I had a number of meetings, as well as errands to run, along with making phone calls to various contractors and people I know, regarding my desperate search for a reliable carpenter who’d be able to install a sliding glass door on a property I have listed.

When knowing how many calls I’ve already made, I’m all the more convinced that as each year passes, our citizens are gonna be searching even harder for qualified and reliable tradespeople. I’ve known for some time it was coming, and only because far too many parents had been, and still are, encouraging their children to get college degrees, instead of going into one of the many trades that are struggling to find replacements for those who’ve retired. It’s bad now, but I can assure you, it’s gonna get worse if we don’t get the expectations of our young turned around, and I mean soon.

When realizing today, I’d not even touched my end of the month billing, became another reminder that I’d been very busy since the end of last week, so hopefully things will settle down enough to where I can get my accounting caught up before I have to meet with another seller on Thursday, which is going to be one more mad rush of Realtors wanting to show it. Next weekend will likely turn into a repeat of this past weekend’s multiple offers.

I was left nearly speechless today when a client mentioned her having read a number of my daily journals, and then insisting I should write a book or two, and likely make more money at it than I do in real estate. Yes, that was quite the shocker, and only because I really don’t work that hard at it every evening when seated at my computer relaying a given day’s happenings and thoughts. Of course I can’t forget those times I send out my filterless, and sometimes brittle comments about people, places and things. Like I’ve said a number of times, “I never considered myself an angel or saint, but at least from time to time, I try to add a couple of feathers or get re-sized for a halo.”

One of my clients who loves to bake, stopped by my office late this afternoon, and since I’ve been diligently cracking away at those black walnuts, I gifted her a good helping of them, which I know she’ll put to good use. While there, we did have a good chat regarding what people are cooking and eating, and unfortunately, it’s not as good for them as they’ve been duped into believing. It was always a generational thing with my mother’s people, where they were of the mindset that if you always use the best of ingredients, your food will taste better and in the end, you’d be all the healthier, and as a testament, that branch of my family’s old ones, lived long and healthy lives.

Several days ago, a well known who’s been a life-long resident of our City, dropped off a page of free verse for me to look at, and after giving a good read , I asked her why she wrote it. Well, to my surprise, she requested that I add it to one of my daily journal pages, so here it is. I’m sure after reading it, you’ll know who and what she’s referring to.


The Dark-Clothed Stranger

At the break of dawn some years ago, a dark-cloaked stranger with four eyes, arrived in our pretty little town, who was filled with endless prefaces and bountiful promises of wonderful times.
He pledged, assured, swore, vowed, and affirmed, he’d turn our pretty little town, into a metropolitan, cosmopolitan, and even sophisticated wonder of the Midwest.
We were dazed, stunned, and even knocked silly with a slam, bing, bang, bonk, as well as smitten with his forthcomings, amazements, and marvelous plans for the feature of our pretty little town.
Yes, we believed the dark-cloaked stranger with four eyes. We glorified and praised him, we even sang hymns, and danced over his glorious arrival.
So, that’s how our little town with open arms welcomed the dark-cloaked stranger with four eyes.
We gave him everything he asked for; time, money, praises and even to the point where our souls were under his control.
And what did we get in return you ask? Oh, it’ll be wonderful when you see it with your own eyes. Just you wait, hold on, abide; it’s the eight wonder of the world!
There it is, standing for everyone to see. Isn’t it beautiful, gorgeous, elegant and magnificent? You must be enchanted by the glory of its design.
Oh, you don’t see it you say? Oh well, it must take the four eyes of the dark-cloaked stranger to view what you cannot see with two!


Tonight’s One-liner is: We occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of us pick ourselves up, and then hurry off as if nothing had happened.

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