Out At Taylor Hill

Our temps didn’t start climbing until much later in the morning, which had me all the more careful walking on the freshly-frozen ice from yesterday’s melt. I’m glad I threw some additional grit out on the front sidewalk of my office, because there was a puddle from yesterday which was frozen solid this morning. Thank goodness I didn’t find another unwanted surprise out at my front sidewalk.

My Sunday morning contemplative session had an added touch with my deciding to light a small beeswax candle in my sacred space, and for whatever reason, my session ended up being more fulfilling, so I may have to continue adding that extra touch of reverence the coming Sundays.

After I was finished, I decided to place a call to my dear friend who’d emailed me an article I read before dialing her up. We had an exceptionally good chat about nearly everything that came to mind, and the most talked about, happened to be how we’ve become slaves to technology, along with there always being a never talked about possibility of our public utility grids being hacked and leaving us without power during the coldest of winter days. You can’t even begin to imagine how many people would be in a very bad way, and especially if it continued on for days. It’s no wonder so many of the wealthy have sophisticated on-site back-ups in place, just so they’d not be affected, and only just in case the very worst came to pass. I personally wouldn’t put anything past those off-shore hackers who’re on the payrolls of totalitarian governments. I still can’t understand why those countries are in such a deep hate of the United States, because it’s not like we’re trying to take them over. All I can think of, is they don’t want their millions of citizens to get any ideas about the real freedoms our democracy offers.

People like Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert and Tucker Carlson, have absolutely no clue what it would be like to live under the thumb of a totalitarian government, because the first time they’d say anything near what’s coming out of their mouths, they’d be in the gulag for years on end, which is why I absolutely cannot stand people who’re constantly on the offense over the absolute silliest of subjects. Yes, we all know it’s for attention, but really? Before hanging up from my dear friend, I announced that our conversation this morning would become the highlight of my day, and of course it did.

With my music folio in hand, I headed over to First Congregational Church to get some practicing done before their Services started. I was a little surprised that I was the first thru their doors, but I didn’t mind it a bit because for some reason, I absolutely enjoy looking at their beautiful stained-glass windows, along with the overall design of its interior.

I didn’t realize until I picked up one of their bulletins, they’d added another hymn which I’d never played before, so off I went looking for its accompaniment, and thankfully I was able to get it quickly learned. Whenever something like that happens, I thank Heaven for improving my sight-reading skills to where it’s not so difficult anymore for me to learn something new, with the exception of a piece being filled with syncopation and in a not often used key signature. But, I’m even working on them as well.

Right after I finished playing a prelude, there were a group of women in the pews who started clapping, which I’m sure turned me every shade of red, and only because I’m not used to it. Truth be told, there’s a church which I played at for a number of years, and if I’d get a random “thank you”, they’d be few and far between, which brings me right back to now remembering what one of their members just recently said to me at a groceteria when asking why I’m not playing there any longer, and my response being, “I’ve asked twice and still waiting for an answer.” It’s that nice?

All went well with my playing, with the exception of one its pipes having decided to stick just as I was finishing up on the entrance hymn. Of course I had to shut the organ off and wait for the air to be released from it’s chamber before it would stop whistling. It was the second time that happened, and the first being several weeks ago when I was practicing. The next time I’m over there practicing, I’ll have to see if I can get it to act up again, and then be able to find which pipe is doing it, which will be a big help for their pipe organ technician. I’m almost certain it was the same pipe acting up this morning.

Just as I was closing up the organ, and elderly gentleman came up to me and teasingly said, “Aren’t you supposed to be a Realtor?” Well, that was the beginning of a lengthy conversation about his multi-generational ties to First Congregational Church, as well as our City. While in conversation, I learned his mother played that very organ for a number of years, and keep in mind, he’s no spring chicken. He so kindly mentioned that his mother had donated all her organ music to First Congregational Church, and that I should ask to go thru it sometime. Now that was quite the gesture.

What brought back a rush of memories, was when he mentioned his mother having likely broken her tailbone while sledding with him and his father out at Taylor Hill. He didn’t think I remembered it, but I soon brought him up to speed, because as a young boy, I used to go out there on occasion whenever someone was willing to take me.

Just to bring you all up to speed as to where and what Taylor Hill was, it was a tall hill which was directly south across the Highway from our City’s public high school. It was owned by the MacNider Family which was very prominent at the time. Unfortunately they decided to build a mansion on top that hill, so we had to say farewell to sledding it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Study history, study history, and study even more history.

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