Every Saturday Morning Delight

I was delighted to find our temps on their way back up this morning, which should make for a relatively pleasant remainder of our weekend. Of course once the sun came up, I had to get back out to the front of my office to shovel some additional tracks from the sidewalk which appeared to have been caused by someone jumping the curb with their vehicle, and it wasn’t just a jump, because it was done in a wide half-moon fashion.

Just after I got that cleaned up, I happened to look down the sidewalk, and there I spotted another Friday night mess someone created. My first thought was, “Geez! Is this going to be an every Saturday morning delight?” This time around, I took the above photo of it, just so everyone can now see that disgusting mess I had to clean up. Yes, someone with a big dog, allowed it to drop a very big dump which someone stepped in, along with what was for sure, an area where the owner’s dog vomited, and lastly, which I didn’t take a photo of, it lifted its leg and peed on the corner of my building, and just below it, was a nice patch of golden urine which was frozen in a band of snow. I’m now wondering if the owner was relieving himself while his dog was doing its duty.

Most of our residents haven’t a clue as to what’s going on in our Downtown after dark, and believe me, most of it’s no good, so no matter how pretty and nice you think we can make our Downtown, there’ll be those larcenous minds who’ll continue to stalk our Historic District, in search of something to take, damage or destroy. As one of my customers said this afternoon about people not liking my filterless observations with his adding, “Well, the truth does hurt.”

After spending a good half hour getting that mess scraped off those pavers, I went and mixed up some soap and bleach water, just to help dissolve what I couldn’t get off. Oh and by the way, that burgundy-colored vomit stain from last Friday’s episode, is still clearly visible, which makes me wonder what in the world was in that person’s stomach. Pretty scary if you ask me. Yes, the mindsets of the many have certainly been devolving in these times.

Since I was in my cleaning mode, I went ahead and scrubbed the wooden floors of my office, and only because there’d be a great deal of tracking-in of sand and salt from our recent snowstorm, and by the time I had them finished, it was nearing the hour one of my customers would be arriving at office, and not ten minutes later, he and his father walked thru my office office.

After going over all the documents while filling in the blanks, I proceeded to get the signatures I needed, which completed that offer package. We did spend some extra time visiting about this and that, and for some reason, we ended up on how so many people have turned money into their gods. We all agreed that money should be nothing more than a tool, and that’s it, instead of using it to manipulate, propagandize, and control. Over these long years, I’ve noticed where many only look at their jobs as a means to acquire wealth, while completely dismissing the concept of taking a career path they’d not only enjoy, but also help others along their way. I still remember one of my high school teachers encouraging us to follow our hearts when choosing our careers, and if we’d do that, the paths of our lives would be all the more enriched. I almost brought up the subject of an evil soul I know from the East, who likely has an altar built specifically for the worship of money.

After they left, I proceeded to get some rental documents prepared and emailed out to a new tenant, along with calling, and then later meeting with yet another tenant who’ll be moving into his new digs just after the first of March. I’ll remain confident they’ll both be top-drawer renters during their tenancies.

Since I had a few minutes to kill, I placed a call to a well-known, just to speak about that shivering experience I had early yesterday morning in regards to what I spoke about last evening. As chance would have it, he was having a similar episode yesterday afternoon, which was a real shocker, and especially since he was having some unusually hateful thoughts about the same thing. I’m still in a daze over it all, and only because it’s been far too many years since I’ve been that angered to the point of such an intense hate to where I could feel it radiating. What I’m still not understanding, is what thought or thoughts triggered its beginning. Oh well, if it should happen again, I’ll have to make a mental note as to what started it all, yet hoping all the more it doesn’t happen again for a very long time because it created a day-long metaphysical drain on me.

On a more positive note, I’m pretty much prepared for my organ playing over at First Congregational Church tomorrow morning. I’ll likely get over there about an hour beforehand, just to get some additional practicing done on that beautiful sounding instrument. As I’ve mentioned before, the concept of time would be non-existent to where I could be at it for hours and not realize it.

In spite of the flooding California’s likely getting from all their recent rain and snow, those reservoirs should be back up to the levels they need be after the year-over-year droughts they’ve had to endure. I read today where San Francisco will be experiencing record-breaking weather. We all must remember, that nearly all California’s costal cities, are noticeably hilly which offers more of an opportunity for mudslides. Yes, Mother Nature is kicking up her heels again.

With tomorrow’s predicted pleasant weather, let’s hope everyone gets out to enjoy it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Short words are best, and the old words when short, are best of all.

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