His Untimely Demise

Another finger-freezing morning arrived with a good seven below zero, and it was certainly felt while driving to work this morning because my vehicle was barely warmed up by the time I arrived at office.

Not long after I got settled in for the morning, I noticed the City workers out with their little John Deere tractors with front blades on them, pushing all those banks of snow out into the street, just so their road grader would create a straight line of snow for a contraption that later followed which looked like a giant snowblower that was an attachment to one of our City’s new rigs, but since I was parked on the street, I had to run out there and move my vehicle to the rear of my office.

It may have seemed all well and good, but their new “technique” of getting those snow banks out away from the curb, just made for a bigger mess on everyone’s sidewalks, and mostly because of those ground-in tracks of snow that remained, so your’s truly had to get back out after they were all finished, and get that hard-pressed snow scraped off and back out to the curbside. Of course what made matters worse, was finding that somehow, a three inch thick block of frozen ice which was about the side of a large dishpan, still remained, so off I went to get my ice chipper to get it off. Oh my goodness! That was a chore that took another half hour’s work which had to be done because I was terribly fearful someone would stumble and fall over it. All I could figure out, was the likelihood someone in the night, must’ve left their vehicle running at the curb for a very long time, and its exhaust melted all that snow into a chunk of ice, and I’m pretty sure I’m right because it was a dirty-looking ice. The above photo is a shot I took of their front-end snowblower that was sending it to a line of waiting dump trucks.

Without question, my day was filled with many showings which had me bouncing from one side of town to another, but in the end it was all good. I also had to make several phone calls to prospective buyers and sellers I’d spoken with in the past, just to make sure they were kept abreast of what’s been happening with our real estate market this past week.

Getting back to my listing at 16111 – 245th St., I have to say it’ll be an interesting Monday morning for the seller of that home, and only because there’ve been multiple offers received on it. The only thing that makes me a bit sad in these situations, is the fact that there’ll be some disappointed buyers who didn’t have their offers chosen. Some agents enjoy multiple offer situations, but I’ve never been a fan of them, and just for that reason.

A young gentleman whom I’ve known for a number of years, stopped by my office today, just to drop something off and then wait for me to share another story from my youth. Before beginning today’s recall of another past event, I said, “You must think by now I’m just a little bit wacko after having to listen to my many stories.” He more than seriously said, “Oh no, I don’t think that at all.”, so off I went on another trip down memory lane with one more happening that was worthy of being added as a chapter for a yet to be written gothic novel. I think the main reason I enjoy sharing my excerpts of real-life happenings with him, is because he had a sheltered childhood within a close-knit family. I’m sure he’s now sitting at the dinner table with his wife, and relaying much of what he was told today regarding another happening on the “old farm”.

I have an appointment with a young gentleman tomorrow afternoon who’s decided to make an offer on a home I showed him. Having met his parents while showing him the home, I’m all the more hoping he’ll get it purchased, and only because he seems like a genuinely good person who’s wanting to have his very own home. Yes, it’s becoming all the more difficult for our first-time buyers to get something purchased, and only because most of what’s available, is out of their price range, which is why I bristle every time I see bloated grants being given from our State, to investors who’re wanting to build or upgrade a property for rental purposes, instead of focusing more on helping first-time buyers get modest homes purchased. Don’t they know home ownership is one of the major keys to planting deeper roots in a community?

For whatever reason, I had a vivid flash-back episode very early this morning which caused a number of memories to come rushing forward regarding something that happened last year, which should’ve never taken place, and only due to an evil-minded whim of another. Yes, I really worked hard at talking myself off that cliff of anger, along with a very deep hatred which I’d not felt in decades. I no longer refer to the perpetrator of it all by name, but now nothing more than an inanimate object. Yes, it actually frightened me a bit because a hatred of such intensity hadn’t come over me since a now deceased male, attempted to choke me a very many years ago. To this day, I still believe karma had something to do with his untimely demise.

After I managed to get myself settled down, I took some time to read whatever online news feeds would strike my interest. The one I had to read in entirety, was the article about Fox News being sued by Dominion which is a voting machine manufacturer, and what really got me, was reading the emails and text messages those Fox News reporters were saying about the election being stolen, when they knew better, but continued to fill their subscribers with bald-faced lies which were adding fuel to an already raging fire. Same on all of them, and I’ll be praying Dominion wins that lawsuit, just so something like that doesn’t happen again, and especially on such a scale. Tucker Carlson’s certainly doing a lot of back-peddling and squirming right now. Too bad for him.

Tonight’s One-liner is: When the war of the giants is over, the wars of the pygmies will begin.

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