Several Character-Ugly People

In spite of it being a National holiday, I managed to keep myself busied with real estate work nearly the entire day. I thought for sure it was going to be slow, so I pretty much had my mind set on cracking nuts all day, but that didn’t even come close to happening. I’d say I spent a combination of two hours at it, and that was it. Oh well, at least the level of nuts in that last bin is gradually declining. I’m hoping to have them all finished up this week, and will be certainly glad for it.

I had to run up to Manly this morning to get a closer look at several issues that have to be addressed at one of my listings, and after getting measurements and a good look at those areas, I took some notes and then headed back to office to relay my information to the seller. I later made a few calls, so now I have to meet another contractor up there tomorrow afternoon, and glad for it because we need to keep moving forward on the sale of that home.

Another good amount of time spent, was doing some additional deep research on a home I’m hoping to get listed, and after reviewing all the comparable sales, I’d say the seller’s going to be pleasantly surprised when hearing my estimated valuation. Yes, there are certain areas of North Iowa that continue to be hot markets, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning with another seller who’s very close to having it readied for the market, and should it be in showable condition, I’ll be sure to have a listing file and my camera with me, just so I won’t have to schedule another meeting. I’ll be heading to office earlier tomorrow morning, just so I’ll have time to prepare a listing package, as well as reviewing the comparable sales I’d pulled over a month ago. That’s another home they thought wasn’t worth as much as I believed it to be, and not a bit surprised if it quickly goes under contract. I’ve done a considerable amount of work for that family over the years, and ever-grateful for their loyalty.

Having a free slot of time this afternoon, I went back to my nut bin and started cracking, and of course past happenings began rolling thru my mind, and today’s was the return of thoughts about something several character-ugly people had purposely done to me this past year, and as chance would have it, I received a call from someone who’s totally familiar with what took place. As much as she normally tries to find good in people, she had no positive things to say about them. I was also surprised to hear her say, “They refuse to change, and likely can’t because they’re too old.” Considering how many mean-spirited people I’ve encountered over the years, I had to fully agree. I had to laugh when telling my friend that one of them once told me they’d been cured of their psychological ills thru the many sessions of professional counseling, but I was quickly interrupted by her insisting that the person had better go back and demand a refund from that psychiatrist. I considered today’s call to be quite the coincidence since I was thinking about those naughty monkeys just before my phone rang, which was kinda creepy-cool if you ask me. Perhaps karma is now finally starting to make her move. Yeah!

When reading the National news today, I happened upon an article about another online platform which is some sort of question and answer site where you can ask AI a question, and it’ll give you the answer. Well, there’ve been completely wrong answers given, and also some believe AI is taking their personal information and possibly using it in a dark fashion. Truthfully, I have no idea why people would want to be plugged into something that’s come too far too fast. I swear people aren’t keeping themselves busy enough, and only because they’re out looking for various online sites to fill their great voids of time, so please be wary of getting innocently sucked down a dark hole.

These last several evenings, I’ve been paging thru the gardening catalogs that’d recently arrived. I’ve made up my mind not to have such a large garden this year, and only because I have enough canned and frozen, to last another season. I will be planting more cucumbers and slicing tomatoes, along with making another attempt at growing cabbage, along with Brussel sprouts. I will be starting them from seed in some better growing trays I’ve ordered, which should give them a healthy boost. I’m also going to create my own starting soil, because one never knows where that soil actually comes from. If I do have another stellar garden next year, I’ll likely be named North Iowa’s mad-scientist gardener. For whatever reason, plants have always liked me.

Once I’m walnut-less, I’m gonna get back to finishing up on that vintage handmade cabinet I was so generously gifted last year. In my mind’s eye, I can already see it completely restored and appropriately placed in that wide hallway in my office. There’s no question it’ll become another conversation piece. Truth be told, I’d be in seventh heaven if I had a full set of kitchen cabinets built in the same style. Without a doubt, whomever built it, spent a very many hours creating it. Nearly everyone makes mention of that tall server behind my desk, but I think I’ll have similar comments about the piece I’ll soon have finished and placed.

Oh, I wanted to mention to all of you, just so you’re prepared for it, and that being the spiking in our assessed values, along with another increase in property taxes, so get ready to hold onto your hats because it’s not going to be pretty. But, the real kicker, is you won’t be feeling the real pinch, until next year’s tax bill arrives. Keep in mind, if our Governor abolishes State Income Tax, it’s most likely our real estate taxes will be spiking all the higher.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I’ve found “No comment” to be a splendid expression, and I’m putting it to use all the more.

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