If Only Our Eyes Could Download

It sure turned out to be a drizzly day, and for some reason, the curbsides and intersections were filled with puddles of water, which made me think many of the storm sewer inlets were still plugged with ice. Without a doubt, there were some pretty big puddles I had to drive thru, which brought some not so pleasant memories of our past floods.

Most of my day was spent setting up showings for the coming days, along with returning phone calls from prospective buyers, and judging by the recent spiking in sales, I have a feeling we’re gonna be entering a very quirky market, and this time around, it looks like there’s going to be a shortage of inventory, and only because there’ll be many existing homeowners who’ll not want to be stepping up into more expensive homes, and mostly because of our interest rate hikes. One of the agents mentioned today that she’s not expecting even near the sales she had last year due to the inventory shortages in all price ranges. Now if some of our rental barons would start selling a good portion of their better homes, there’d be at least enough for our first-time buyers.

When looking at the recent sales, I was shocked to see another lipsticked pig selling for far more than I would’ve believed possible. Boy, there sure are some very un-educated buyers out there, which makes me think of that old saying, “A fool and his money will soon be parted.” I’m sure that seller must’ve been dancing the jig after that fat proceeds check was handed over. I still can’t fathom how such sellers can sleep nights when knowing how they’d intentionally duped unknowing buyers.

While working away at the front of my office, I just happened to notice a hefty guy get out of his car and walk into the building next door, and a few moments later, he walked back out, and just as I looked up, he was stepping off the curb onto the street, and when he did, his jeans dropped about five inches which in turn, gave the world a good glimpse of someone’s raw bottom. Of course he had to grab them and pull them back up, but far too late. Oh my goodness! I never understand why people wear clothes like that in public. For me it’s either a sign of ignorance, or possibly wanting to be suggestive, which is beyond my comprehension. Oh darn, I keep forgetting we live in a “Look at me!” world. Today’s episode, was just one more of those times I’m wishing, “If only our eyes could download sights to a hard drive and then share them online.”

My lunch hour was spent sorting out and re-filing the music I was playing over at First Congregational Church, and then getting this coming Sunday’s music readied for St. Paul Lutheran. I got a good laugh out of one of my colleagues today when I said, “At first I thought I’d fallen in love with First Congregational’s organ, but after Sunday’s experience, I believe I’ve fallen in lust.” Yes, I could’ve sat at that keyboard for an hour or two with absolutely no concept of time.

I did have some errands to run this afternoon which included a bank drop, along with a quick stop at our abstract office to deliver an abstract for continuation. I definitely want to be ahead of the game with that sale, and only because I believe those buyers may want to close earlier than scheduled. I told the agent today, her buyers should be very thankful and grateful for being able to purchase that exceptional home, because I’m nearly certain I would’ve had it sold myself before this weekend hit.

After reading the news about that shooting in Michigan, I’m beginning to wonder if they’re turning into copycats to where they’re just wanting to have at least one moment in time to be noticed by millions, which is why I’m not the biggest fan of all this global information overload. Just think, back before we had the internet, we had to rely on radio, television and printed news, and in those days, the journalists and reporters lived by stricter codes, where now the more shocking news they can deliver, the higher their ratings, and don’t think people like Marjorie Taylor Green and Tucker Carlson aren’t using it to their advantage. It’s no wonder so many of our seniors are refusing to watch that nonsense, and only because it gets them stirred-up. Shame on them all.

A friend of mine who’s been closely watching the news coming our or Russia, mentioned that the Russian government is going to have fully in place by 2025, the return of the Soviet system to where each person and their families will be allowed so much money to sustain their lives, and from what I was told, will be for every single citizen of Russia no matter what their current socio-economic status is at present. Of course, I remember the stories of life in Soviet Russia and their satellites, so you can bet the died-in-the-wool members of their Communist Party, will have all the luxuries available, and only because they’ve proven their loyalty to that resurrected failed system. It didn’t work then, and likely won’t work in these times, because once people have had a taste of self-betterment, they’ll not be satisfied, and especially their younger crowd because they weren’t even born when Soviet Russia collapsed. It’s gonna be an interesting year ahead for both the Ukrainians and the Russians.

I was expecting some additional free time to continue cracking nuts, but by the end of the day, I was only able to get an hour’s worth accomplished. Yes, those many hours of laboring, has offered me the necessary time to get last year’s happenings, along with those previous, finally sorted out and placed in perspective. Unfortunately, I haven’t risen to the point of forgiveness with some, and likely never well, but that’s just Ok because I never did consider myself and angel or saint. All I truly want, is for them to stay as far away from me as possible, but no father, and only because I no longer want no part of their lies and deceptive ways.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A lie gets half-way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

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