The Best Way To Spread Communicable Diseases

The day was sunny and bright, but the overnight drop in temps, sure had me looking for all the warm spots to warm myself. These temperature swings sure can be annoying, and especially whenever wanting to get your car washed. I had every intention of running mine thru a wash today, but it was so cold, I didn’t want to take any changes of my car doors and windows freezing shut, which has happened in the past and ended up creating even more problems.

It certainly was a hectic day to where I was in near non-stop motions with returning calls, setting appointments, sending emails and helping a friend move a heavy piece of construction material. I also had to make a quick run to a groceteria to purchase all seven of the remaining eight-ounce packages of butter which was an in-store sale item, and after doing my dollar per ounce calculation, I walked out of there knowing I got a very good buy. I sent them to the freezer where they’ll be kept until needed for future use. I still can’t believe how little most people watch for those in-store specials.

We did receive an offer on 213 S. Tennessee this afternoon, so I called the seller and went over it with him. It wasn’t well received, so I’ll likely be getting a call from them tomorrow morning with a counter-offer. I have a feeling that home will be sold before the weekend is over, and only because as far as I’m concerned, it’s the best buy considering what’s currently for sale in our City.

My mid-afternoon appointment with a seller went well today, so it looks like I’ll be getting a new listing in the coming weeks, and since we’ve already agreed on the price point, I’m not a bit worried it’ll sell quickly, and only because of where it’s located, and its quality of construction. I told the owner today that it reminded me very much of my grandmother’s house which she always enjoyed. I’m just hoping it gets sold to a first-time buyer, instead of one of our rental barons, and only because there are too many young people who’re trapped in their rentals and nothing on the market in their price range.

Just as soon as I returned to the office, another past customer dropped by to let me know he’ll be listing his home with me in the coming months, and only because he’ll be officially retired, and ready to move to a warmer clime, and knowing how hard he’d worked all his life, he fully deserves the change. Since I’d not seen him in many months, we had a very good catching-up session before he left.

Knowing I’ll have a buyer coming to town next week, I’ve already started setting up appointments to show a number of homes. There’s really not that much to pick from, so it’ll likely be a one-day, or possibly two-day outing. Yes, our market is still very tight in certain price ranges, and as I’ve mentioned before, those tricked-out and lipsticked pigs seem to be the most favored.

One of our City’s business people called today, and since it’s that time of year again, I figured it would be that yearly call for a donation towards a favorite charity. Well, my response was unexpected because just before the end of the year, I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to be offering anymore time-consuming free advice for those who take it and run with it, and only to line their own pockets by selling properties they own, directly to buyers, which of course cuts real estate agents out of the picture. I couldn’t help saying, “Now how would you like it if I put your particular hat on, and began undermining your business?” There was a short pause and then a, “I understand where you’re coming from.” Truthfully, I work very hard at not undermining the businesses of others, which I why I don’t like them doing it to me. Before hanging up, I also added, “We all need to remember that when in business, it’s a two way street.” Yes, I’m finally learning that it’s best to focus on doing the best for those who’re the most loyal and faithful, rather than wasting energy with those who think my time is nothing more than a free public service.

Now that the pavements have dried up enough, I finally had an opportunity this afternoon to get the wooden floors in my office fully cleaned, and believe you me, that dried ice melt that people had been tracking in for weeks, took even more time to get it scrubbed off. There were some areas I had to go over twice because of how that nasty stuff seems to want to stick to floors. Oh well, they’re now back to where they should be until we have another snowstorm and it starts all over again. Can you imagine how much of that nasty stuff is stuck in all those commercial carpets we have in our business and government buildings? It’s no wonder there seems to be so many people getting sick. Having been around since before most of our trees arrived, I can still remember all the shops, stores, groceterias, government buildings, hospitals and clinics having hard surface floors which were scrubbed on a daily basis. Now look at what we’re walking on. I’ll never understand why clinics/hospitals changed to carpeted floors and forced-air heating which I believe is the best way to spread communicable diseases.

Believe it or not, I actually didn’t have time to read even a thread of news today, other than taking a peek at our local obituaries. My how their numbers seem to be growing. There was a young person’s obit not too many weeks ago which I’d just heard was caused by suicide. When I heard that, I could feel another chill running thru me.

A number of years ago, I read a scholarly article about suicide rates in various countries of the world, and the thrust of it all, was it being a sign there’s something wrong with that particular country’s society as a whole, and especially if it’s happening with their younger crowd. How very sad.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Words are only painted fire; a look is the fire itself.

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