The Balance Between Old and New

With our temps above freezing most of the day, we certainly had some melting going on when seeing the little streams of water running towards the storm sewers. Of course with the ground beginning to thaw, we’re finding all the more potholes around town, and there’s several of them that’d better get filled before someone’s car gets thrown out of alignment, and possibly even worse.

Once I had my morning routines completed, it was time for me to be prepared for a scheduled phone call, and since they said it would be precisely at 8:15 a.m., I was beginning to get worried they’d forgotten when noticing they were ten minutes late with the call, but it did finally come in, so I got that question and answer session over with in less time than I was expecting. I suspect the reason it didn’t take so long, was because I had everything laid out, just so I could more quickly answer those questions. After hanging up, I had to laugh to myself when knowing I’d answered all of theirs, but they weren’t able to answer a few of mine which did create a bit of embarrassment on their end, so now I have to wait for them to call me back with those answers.

After getting a quick call made to a selling agent, I headed up to Northwood to deliver an abstract to Worth County Abstract Company, just so I’d be ahead of the game on a sale of mine. When I got there, my favorite abstractor came out of her office, and took the abstract with instructions. We did have another very good chat this morning, which gave the both of us an up-lift. She was delighted when I handed her a small package of those left-overs from this Sunday’s potluck. I was glad to find it was very well received, and especially when she exclaimed, “Oh Joe, this is my favorite!” No, I wasn’t try to butter her up, but rather it simply being a token of appreciation for the fine work she’s done for my office. Unfortunately, it’s become the norm where many don’t even think about being thankful and/or grateful for the work others have done for them. Just because you pay them for the good work they’ve done, doesn’t mean you needn’t be thankful for it. Right?

While I was up there, I stopped at another office, just to say “Hi”, and then I grabbed my camera and took the above photo of that building that houses their new Subway. After getting a good look at it, I’d say the balance between old and new I was seeing from afar, was a prime example of the possibilities there are for other historic buildings in North Iowa. That’s all it takes is vision, planning, design and of course money. Considering how few historic buildings we have left in Mason City, you’d think our Community Development Department would be more generous with their grants towards them, instead of rolling out the red carpets for the build-out of those ticky-tacky apartments, and the millions they’ve already spent on that bridge to nowhere, the ghost hotel, and the skeletal remains of Southbridge Mall. Personally, I still can’t get my brain wrapped around the logic, as well as the common sense of it all.

I did take the long way back, and only to get a good rubber-neck look at an acreage I listed and sold several years ago. Just as I suspected, nearly every strong and stately tree on that site was no more, and in their place, stands a shoebox house with an attached garage, and absolutely nothing else between them and the open fields. I guess some people simply do not want trees anywhere near their homes or outbuildings. For sure they must not spend anytime outdoors, because there’d be no shade trees to block the burning sun. It must be some sort of fad with these people who build new country homes, because nearly all of them are sitting there with no natural windbreaks. Some of them have planted both deciduous and coniferous trees, but it’ll be a good twenty years or more before they provide and sort of windbreak or summertime shade.

Just for a change, I stopped at State Street Deli for the first time in many months, just to see if they had anything good on their lunch menu, and while there I did run into a client whom I’d just today intended on calling, so that was a good by-chance encounter. The sandwich I purchased was very good, and especially the bread which they must’ve either baked on site, or have a contract with a local baker. For the first time in months, I was eating bread that didn’t have sugar in it. Before walking out, I did compliment the manager on the food, along with wishing him all the best with his business. It’s too bad they’re not located in an area which offers more parking, and with the highway being so close, causes all the more noise an congestion. I noticed one of the workers there, used to work the window at Hardee’s, so now I know why I haven’t seen him lately.

One of the phone calls that came in today, was from a woman who’s thinking about selling her home, and after answering all of her questions, I agreed to meet her at the house this coming Friday afternoon. Since she’s not worked with a Realtor in many years, she had many questions to ask, and thankfully the answers I’d given, had her more comfortable about the process of listing and selling. After getting a look at her address, I’m confident it’ll sell, as long as it’s priced accordingly.

I did meet with the pastor at another one of our City’s churches, and after being given the hymns, and subsequently playing their massive pipe organ, I agreed to play for one of their Services. I definitely have some practicing to do, along with getting accustomed to the instrument, but for some reason, I’m not in the least bit worried, and only because I could feel an “attachment” to it once I started playing one of their hymns. I teasingly said to the pastor, “I think I’m falling in love with your organ.” After hearing her many voices, I’m near certain I’ve never before heard the old gal singing. Without a doubt, it’s the largest pipe organ I’ve ever had an opportunity to play. I now know why many historic cathedrals spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their restorations. Wow!

Tonight’s One-liner is: I go on working, for the same reason that a hen goes on laying eggs.

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