There Must Be Some Really Scary Communities

It appeared we did receive some light rain last night, because the pavements were wet, but unfortunately, it made for even more dangerous walking during most of the morning, and only because the rain created an even slicker surface atop the ice, and more than once, I just about lost my footing while out. It actually reminded me of the black ice we’d sometimes see on our blacktops which creates dangerous driving conditions.

Once settled-in office for the day, I busied myself with getting bills paid and my end of month accounting done, along with making a bank stop which took up a good portion of my morning, but at least I have everything caught up for now, until those later bills arrive.

I did receive an out of State inquiry on 213 S. Tennessee Ave. today, and from the sounds of it, that particular buyer may very well be making a trip in the near future to our fair City to have a good look at it. I’d say he’s definitely a player because he asked all the right questions about the home. It looks like we’ll be having two showings on it this week, so perhaps our market is starting to pick up.

Between my various duties, I went back and cracked walnuts for about an hour, just so I could say I started on that last bin of them I have left to crack. I did mention to another today, that if I even think of gathering that many again this Fall, I will be personally slapping myself. I know there’ve been a very many people I’ve gifted them to, but most have no idea how tedious and time consuming they can be. It’s no wonder they’re so expensive in the store, and that’s if they’re available.

I did gift another package of my left-over treats to my next door neighbor who owns Roots, and once again said, “If you drink coffee in the morning, these will send your experience to another level.” The next time I run into her, I’ll have to ask how well they were received.

For whatever reason, I had a slippery-slope regression today when thinking about some unforgivable actions that had taken place late last year which was all directed as a personal attack on me, and mind you, for absolutely no reason. I guess what I can’t get my brain wrapped around, is when someone intentionally does a very bad thing to another without cause, and not think a thing of it, always has me wondering how much evil they have within themselves that’s steering their lives on a daily basis. What did help to bring me back to my senses, was reminding myself that it’s all on that person and those involved, but not me, so we’ll see how soon karma will mete out her just punishments. I’m very much a believer in Divine Intervention, and only because I’ve seen it take place over and over again, and the most pathetic words I’ve often head from the mouths of the recipients, was something like, “I’ve never done anything to anybody to deserve this!”, which I always refer to as denial that’s been passed off as selective memory loss.

I’ll be making a trip up to Northwood tomorrow morning to deliver some real estate documents, and while there I may drive around a little, just to see if they’ve got some sights that are photo-worthy. I do like what they’ve been doing with those old buildings on their Main Street. That new Subway sandwich shop that was recently opened, seems to fit perfectly in the ground floor of one their historic buildings. I wish they’d open another in one of the storefronts in our own Historic Downtown. I do miss the one they once had in that failed mall of ours.

Some of the news I read today, was more than troubling, and especially the downing of that Chinese balloon which I’m sure there’ll be a confirmation that it was a spy satellite, so we’ll see what the Chinese government will have to say about it, but of course it’ll all be a pack of lies, just like what’s been coming out of Putin and his war-mongering cronies. The totalitarian regimes we have in our world, always seem to think they have to own the world before they stop. The lust for power must be more addictive than any drug that’s to be had. When reading about the size and equipment they had hanging from that balloon, had to be filled with the most state-of-the-art surveillance technology, and to think China wants to be considered a benevolent big brother to all. Humbug!

Of course I had to read that article about Lauren Boebert’s statements before a crowd of church-goers regarding Biden, which was totally unacceptable in my book. She’s another one who’s throwing flames to the fires of division in our Country, and unfortunately, the many ignorant are falling for it. There must be some really scary communities in our Nation which are similar to that old TV serial, “The Stepford Wives”. Unfortunately, as one of the columnist posted today, “Her public statements that day, was one more of the growing examples of how Christianity in America is rapidly devolving into a rabid tribe of Talibangenlicals and gun-totin Y’all Qaeda fanatics.”, and what gave me the chills after reading it, was my having said some years ago, how the actions of some of our Country’s Christians, are beginning to resemble the rigid beliefs of those sub-sects of the Islamic faith.

What I’ve come to really appreciate about being at St. Paul Lutheran every-other Sunday, is listening and taking to heart, the petitions they offer up every Sunday, which are all about taking care of each other, nurturing our earth, riding ourselves of prejudices, along with bringing our society and governments back to where we work things out, instead of fighting to the finish over the silliest of notions. I keep asking myself, “Why can’t people just get along?”

Tonight’s One-liner is: I write in order to attain that feeling of tension relieved and function achieved, which a cow enjoys while giving up her milk.

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  • Jenn Pope says:

    The fudge you shared was FANTASTIC!!!! I’ve had none like it before. Biggest take away was how smooth it was like you mentioned. Incredible really. My front desk manager, Lesa, couldn’t resist a second piece. Thank you for sharing. Also, I’m not creeping on you, I just really enjoy your writings from time to time! Today, needed a brain break! 🙂

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