The Nearest Ever-Hungry Juvenile

I was expecting it to be above freezing when I headed off to work early this morning, but unfortunately those temps didn’t arrive until much later, but at least the cold wasn’t bitter. Some had mentioned rain in the offing, but other than our current overcast skies, there hasn’t been a drop as of yet.

Once settled at office, I busied myself with end of the month bookkeeping and bill paying, and since I was interrupted a number of times, I finally had to put it aside until early tomorrow morning, and only because I find myself making mistakes whenever being pulled away from something I’m in the middle of. I call my mind a one-track that can be easily derailed.

Since I had some extra goodies left over from yesterday’s brunch at St. Paul, I packed up three plastic bags with healthy portions, and then went on a delivering spree, and my first stop was at a friend’s office, and as I walked in, I said, “I hope what I’m handing you, brings back fond memories of your grandmother.” After one bite, I knew I’d hit the mark.

My next stop was over to a store where there are two workers who’re always exceptionally helpful with my needs, and since I wasn’t sure if they were both working, I went in to check and see if they were there this morning, and sure enough they were, so back out to my car I went and grabbed two more bags. I couldn’t begin to tell you how thankful they were, and only because I know how well they enjoy home-made goodies. I had to laugh when one of them said, “If I can keep myself away from it long enough, tomorrow morning’s coffee is going to be a personal occasion, and I’m not gonna be sharing.” Too funny.

Since I was already out, I stopped by to see the progress on a home that’ll be coming on the market soon. The owner was there working diligently at getting the kitchen cabinets put back together after they’d been fully stripped, new hinges and handles installed, and then encapsulated with several coats of varnish. I’m convinced that kitchen is going to be the selling point of the home, and only because of the amount of correctly positioned counter-space it’ll offer. In my book, whether a kitchen is big or small, the key to a working one, is its appliance, sink, cabinet, and countertop placement. I personally like galley kitchens, as long as their opposing cabinets are fully distanced from each other. Forest Park homes are filled with galley kitchens, but almost all of them are too confining. It must’ve been a popular style back in those days. When looking at all the twin homes, condos and townhouses, I can’t believe how many of them have their kitchen sinks on inside walls which would drive me crazy because when doing dishes, who wants to be looking at a blank wall?

Upon return to office, I returned a call that came in yesterday from a minister who’d left a message regarding my availability to play for one of their Services. I thought about it last night, and then again this morning before placing the call, and only because I’m not sure if I want to be on the hook to play at another church, but in the end, I picked up my phone and called him.

Unbeknownst to me, he’d already called over to St. Paul and asked which Sundays I play for them, so what he wanted, was for me to play at his church on one of my off Sundays.  I was being totally honest with him when I said, “I’ve never touched the keys on the organ in your church, and I’d have to see what music you have scheduled for that Sunday.” He was more than accommodating when saying he’d meet me there any time I’m free, and while there, we’d talk about the music selections, so I scheduled a future day and time to meet him.

I was only in that church once, and that was for a funeral, and for some reason, I can’t remember hearing their organ being played, yet I do know theirs is a much large pipe than St. Paul’s. I’m still in disbelief how much of a shortage there is for organist across North Iowa. From what I heard yesterday, Trinity Lutheran has quite the virtuoso organist whose keyboard ability, is light years better than mine. But on the flip-side, I have heard some of their older members not particularly caring for all the extra frills and spills he adds to their tried-and-true hymns. Truth be told, I also don’t care for such liturgical performances, because they always sound muddied-up. I had to laugh when one of them said, “It sounds like he’s got a half-dozen five year olds sitting on the organ bench and all of them randomly pounding on its keys.” Now that was funny.

While visiting with my dear friend this morning about the eagles I spied yesterday, I promised to share the photo of the nearest every-hungry juvenile Bald Eagle which was anxiously waiting for the elders to get filled-up and fly off. Yes that was quite the sight yesterday, which will likely stick with me for years, and the funniest thing about our area eagles, is that fact that after all the years we lived on the farm, I’d never seen one until about ten years ago, so for whatever reason, their populations are quickly on the rise in North Iowa. You’ve likely noticed me having posted a time or two, their empty nests I’ve seen at a distance.

There we several un-announced past customers who’d stopped by my office this afternoon, and both of them wanted to inform me that I’ll be getting calls from them to list their homes for sale once our weather warms. I did make mention of two more lip-sticked pigs that sold in the 100K range, which had me shaking my head again. Knowing both of those homes fully-well, I personally wouldn’t have given them even half of what they got for them. There’s no doubt, our young buyers are in desperate need of counseling before they purchase. Believe you me, it’s getting crazier by the year.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Never overestimate the decency of the human race.

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