The Eagles Have Certainly Landed

It was a delight when finding the temps had risen above freezing today, which helped bring on a better attitude towards winter. It’s not the snow or the darkness that really gets to me, but rather the burning cold that goes to the bone. Of course there’s always the wasted time having to bundle-up before going out, and then unbundling when back inside.

After I had my contemplative session finished-up, I called a friend of mine to ask if he’d like me to drop off a sampling of what I’d prepared for St. Paul Lutheran’s potluck which they’d scheduled after their Services. He was more than willing to take it, so I drove over to his home and delivered my small gift package. I knew he’d like it, and since he’s always been willing to go the extra mile for me at times, I thought it only fitting. While there, I had to share several laughable happenings which had recently taken place, and as hard as it usually is to get him to laugh, he did get a knee-jerk out of the most comical, which was all about how someone had wrongly used a word on one of our City’s digital billboards. In spite of all three of these words having the same sound, they have completely different meanings, so please don’t confuse the words two, to and too when putting them to print.

Once I was back at office, I loaded up my tray of goodies along with my music, and then headed over to St. Paul earlier than normal, just so I’d have time to go down to their kitchen and transfer their desert to their own glass platters. Thank goodness several of the women were already down there, because I didn’t want to have to go digging in their cupboards for those platters. Once I had it all appropriately placed, I stayed and visited with them for a few minutes while having a half-cup of their freshly-brewed coffee.

Just before I walked out, in came a husband and wife whom I was just thinking about yesterday, and only because I’d not seen them in many months, and believe it or not, they mentioned they’d better come because I was likely worrying about them. Since they’re not spring chickens, I’m sure they were staying close to home during those many cold days. Of course I had to announce to those present, how much the wife resembled one of my deceased sisters, and especially their bedroom eyes being dead-ringers, which subsequently prompted me to give her a good hug before heading upstairs.

After getting myself situated at the organ, I proceeded to quietly play a number of hymns before their Services began, just to keep the musical mood going while the members were arriving for today’s special installation of their new minister who’s going to be in charge of both St. Paul and Our Saviour’s Lutheran Churches here in our City.
I did have an opportunity to meet her earlier this morning, and my first impression was very good, so let’s hope she’ll be instrumental in getting more people to attend on a weekly basis. Oh, I must mention, her name is Jane Harris, and from what I’ve heard, she’s a native of Mason City.

Thank goodness all went well with my playing this morning, and when I had a few free moments, I did count seventy-seven people in attendance, which was double the numbers I’d normally find on a given Sunday, and just because I wanted them to know how much I appreciated their strong singing voices this morning, I took a moment while I was downstairs before the potluck started, to vocalized my thanks, along with an encouragement for them to continue doing so.

Oh my goodness! The number of various dishes they had laid-out, was quite remarkable, but since I’m not a big mid-day eater, I took a number of small helpings which was more than enough. Fortunately, I was able to be seated next to a young gentleman whom I know, which provided both of us some good table conversation. While visiting, I couldn’t help sharing a jaw-dropping text I received some months ago, which was so startling, caused him to even pause a moment to think before the meaning of those words finally hit. Yes, we do have some people living here in North Iowa who have absolutely no sense of boundaries or decorum.

By the time I left St. Paul, it was approaching the Noon hour, so I headed back to office and grabbed several other gift packages of what I’d made yesterday, and headed off to the residences of several seniors whom I’d called beforehand to tell them I’d be stopping by. Both of them were home, and of course I had to be invited in for a short chat, so by the time I was completely finished with my church duties and gifting, it was already past the hour of one.

The only pressing duty I had, was to set up a showing for tomorrow on one of my listings which a Realtor was requesting, and once that was done, I decided to get in my car and do a little driving around North Iowa, just to see if I could find at least a photo or two which I could share with you all.

I didn’t find one thing that grabbed me, but while on my way back into the City, I happened to notice some activity in a field to my left, and once I got close enough to see what it was, I pulled off to the side of the road, and snapped two photos of four Bald Eagles. Tonight’s photo is the main one which shows the parents atop a deer carcass which they must’ve found in their mid-day searchings for food. There were two juveniles waiting at a distance for them to finish eating, just so they could hop atop and start devouring. I’ll share the photo I took of the closest juvenile tomorrow evening. While driving away, I couldn’t help saying to myself, “Wow! The eagles have certainly landed here in North Iowa.” Truth be told, I spied a total of six while out driving.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The urge to save humanity, is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.

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