The Perspectives Of Love

It was certainly a biting-cold morning, but at least the wind wasn’t blowing so hard, and what made it even more palatable, was the bright-shining sun, which made us all feel a bit warmer. From what I read this morning, it looks like we’ll not have an above freezing day until Saturday arrives. Not to worry, because we have but one more day to endure, of my not so favorite month of January. Just remember, Ground Hog Day is this Wednesday, so if the little varmint sees his shadow, we’ll have six more weeks of winter.

For it being a Monday morning, it was a rather slow day, so I busied myself with some cleaning and clearing at my office, just so I’ll be all the more ready for another go at having a good year in real estate sales. Just now being reminded what I talked about yesterday, I can’t tell you all how grateful and thankful I am to have an on-going number of loyal and faithful clients and customers to serve.

One of my clients stopped by my office today, to talk about a lead he had on a property, and since he didn’t have enough information about it, I went down an online “rabbit hole” and supplied him with enough information about the property and its owners. I normally wouldn’t have gone to such an extent, but for him, I felt it appropriate.

I now have an appointment to list a home tomorrow, so hopefully it won’t be as cold as it was today. I’ve done as much research on it as I could, and after visiting with the seller, it should be in a price range which will quickly attract the interest of buyers. It would be nice if I should happen to sell it myself, but at this moment, I don’t have anyone in mind, but there’s always that possibility of one calling tomorrow.

With about an hour to kill this afternoon, I went back to my walnut-cracking, and for whatever reason, their meats are getting harvested all the faster. The only thing that’s changed, is having learned a few tricks with those various sub-species. In spite of the number of packages I’ve been gifting to others, I’ll definitely have more than enough to last me the rest of the year, and what I’ll likely be using them for, is the extra ingredient of some really good loaves of banana bread which I could eat on a daily basis, as long as I have a toaster handy, and a butter dish nearby. I’ve got to stop talking about it, because it’s again making me hungry for a toasted slice.

One of my colleagues called this afternoon whom I’d not spoken with in some time, and most of the news we shared between us, was both enlightening and informative. It’s always interesting to hear another’s views on various subjects, which in the end, help to give situations more clarity and depth. It’s almost like having another newspaper reporter on an opposite corner of a street who’s seeing an accident from another angle, so after sharing what they’ve each seen, helped to create a better image of what really happened. In spite of being competitors of sorts, we’ve learned to respect each other’s boundaries, which is more than I can say for others.

While on the phone late yesterday with a dear one, and talking about a person we’ve both known for a number of years, I couldn’t help reminding him how clever that person’s been in making people believe she’s a victim of the world, to where whatever friends she’s had, have all fallen by the way-side, and mostly because of the vacillating duality of her character. One day she’d be flying-high, and the next she’d appear to be suffering from a chronic case of dysphoria.

I had to laugh when telling my well known that I’d recently read about the woman in Spain who just turned 115 years old, and her believing one of the reasons for her living so long, was from an early age, steering-clear of toxic people. The both of us have had our fair share of toxic associations, but fortunately we’ve finally learned to keep them at bay. I really shouldn’t have brought up the subject, because I suddenly began naming those who’d toxified my life for far too many months and sometimes even years. So if what that woman said is true about living so long, then I believe all of us must be more diligent in keeping such characters out of our personal circles. Another name I give toxic people, is “psychological vampires”. Believe it our not, there’ve been several books written about them over the years. To be sure, they can be nasty creatures.

Since our conversation was quite long, we also spoke considerably about the perspectives of love, and how our general public mis-use the word. For example, how many times have you heard someone say, “I absolutely love, love, love…” something that’s on the mediocre side? Being on the subject, I’m now going to challenge you all to start noticing how many times it’s inappropriately used in our medias, because I personally have to catch myself to keep from mis-using the word love, as there’s a great many things we very much like, but really not those we can honestly say we love, and especially if they’re inanimate objects.

Since I came down my chute into a more rigid family, freely using the work love wasn’t considered acceptable. We love our parents, we love our children, and even our favorite pets, but to throw love into the mix of casual conversation regarding a meal we just ate, a glass of giggle water we just threw down, or even a new piece of clothing or furniture, really doesn’t make much sense. It’s almost become a “fill” word in a sentence, similar to the “f” word we’re hearing on a near-daily basis, so just remember to consider the perspectives of love, before allowing it past your lips. Don’t you just love, love, love talking about love? Ok, I’m now being naughty again.

It’s gonna be a cold one tonight, so do stay safe and warm.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Live truth, instead of professing it.

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