Drastic Price Reduction on 304 N. Fairview

Unfortunately our weather went from near-tolerable to downright nasty by the time sunset arrived. Those light snow flurries were creating slick areas on the sidewalks and streets, and ever-glad I made it home without a mishap. I did see where it’s going to be much colder tonight, so be prepared for an biting-cold day tomorrow.

Upon arrival at office, I found that I had to spread some additional grit at the back of my office, because while on my way to the back door, I just about ended up on my keister when having nearly lost my balance on that slick ice. Yesterday’s weather was a bit odd because there were some areas that were definitely melting, while others were rock-solid, which is why I believe the back of my office became slick again, and only because the grit I put down yesterday, managed to melt itself below the surface of the ice, which I thought was something new.

My morning was filled with drop-ins, correspondence and research, and just before eleven, a colleague stopped by to drop a document off, and while there looking around, I began getting some high marks on the design and appeal of the interior of my office, which I took as a great compliment. When something was said about the colors, my response was, “You’ve got good taste.”, and when something else was said about that piece of blue art glass I have on a table up front, I once again said, “You’ve got good taste.” By the time my colleague left, I swear I must’ve said, “You’ve got good taste.”, at least a half dozen times. Too funny.

When my lunch hour arrived, I headed over to St. Paul Lutheran Church to install a new light I ordered, which would fit under the keyboard of their organ, and once I got it fully installed, I switched it on, and all I could say to myself, “Why didn’t you get this many months ago?” Yes, it made a huge difference in the lighting to where I could actually see all the pedals. I did call beforehand, and asked if I could install it, and only because it didn’t want to do anything with their organ without permission. I played several hymns while there, and for sure, I could tell how much more I could pay attention to what was going on down on the pedalboard. I have to play there this Sunday, so we’ll see how much of a difference having that light’s gonna make. I expect it to be noticeably better. The light they had there which I quit turning on, was of little or no help because it was too dim, and would start flickering after it was on for a short while.

Before heading back to office, I stopped at Wendy’s to grab a small chili, just so I could have something to eat when I got back. For some reason, that chili wasn’t as thick as it normally is, and while eating it, I could tell it didn’t have as many beans or meat in it. Oh well, at least I had something to tide me over until my evening meal.

I did check the news feeds just after I finished my lunch, and certainly happy to find that Germany and the United States had finally decided to send the modern tanks the Ukrainians have be begging for, which I’m hoping will enable them to fight off what’s looking like a Spring offensive that’s being planned by Putin and his cronies. I’m ever-thankful the bulk of the European Union and Nato members are still of one mindset, with the exception of Hungary and Turkey.

Speaking of Turkey and Hungary, I believe both of those countries aren’t worthy of being members of NATO, and only because they’re resistive on giving the green light to Sweden and Finland’s approval for NATO membership, and one of the well-written articles I read today which spoke about both Hungary and Turkey having already broken the rules on several of NATO’s articles, I think it would be more than fitting to have them expelled.

We all know how Turkey’s Erdogan has been cozying up to Putin, and certainly taking advantage of that war’s economic situation by circumventing embargoes, along with making sweet deals with Russia, and not to mention his bombing raids against the Kurdish people. That guy’s reminding more and more of Putin.

We then have Hungary’s Orban, who’s trying to turn that country into a dictatorship, along with his repression of free speech, along with his undue pressure on those who oppose him. If you’ve been following his actions, you’ve already found that he’s a back-alley thug who’s in Putin’s back pocket. Yes, both of those countries need to be kicked out of NATO until they get their acts together, because talk is cheap, and actions speak.

My last appointment of the day, was to meet with the sellers of 304 N. Fairview in Manly, just to get another price reduction signed and entered into our MLS. I can now announce to the world, that we’ve made a drastic price reduction on 304 N. Fairview. It’s now listed at $95K, which I believe is one heck of a bargain price, considering what that home has to offer.

First and foremost, it’s on the right side of town, it’s brick, it has three bedrooms, gorgeous woodwork and floors, a solarium, updated heating system and wiring, a full basement, some replacement windows, and a super-sized double garage which I believe is capable of housing four cars double-deep. It also has a small single garage which I would turn into the most charming workshop. Yes, there are some cosmetic changes a person may want to make, but all in all, no matter what way you look at it, that home is one heck of a buy. I’m sure after it’s sold, there’ll be people that had looked at it and didn’t act, and later saying, “We should’ve and we could’ve.” Tonight’s photo is one of the exterior shots I took.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We must work to become, not to acquire.

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