Blue Eyes In This Cathedral

There were some complaining about the cold today, but I couldn’t bring myself to it because the bright sun was making up for all of the little discomforts of winter. When seeing it come up, it almost appeared as a forgotten object that traveled across our skies.

Once I arrived at office, I busied myself with preparing a file on my recent sale, along with getting some bills that’d come in, paid and sent off in the mail. There were some calls I had to make, but unfortunately, I had to wait until those offices opened, just so I could get thru to the people I needed to speak with.

One of my clients stopped by to have me review some documents, and after I gave the green light to them, we sat and had a nice chat about several projects that have been in the works, and from the sounds of it, they’re well on their down-hill slide, so hopefully there’ll be an exceptional home that’s had the most tasteful of updates, coming on the market soon. Their attention to detail is remarkable in these times where everyone wants to go out and lipstick a pig, and then sell it for big bucks to uninformed buyers. They certainly don’t work like that, which is why I enjoy providing the best of services to them.

After he left, I headed out to our City’s west side to get some additional office supplies purchased before the traffic started getting heavy. Once I’d done a full inventory this morning, I discovered I was lacking in some office supplies, so I figured today would be the day they’d get replenished.

For whatever reason, the traffic was heavier than I expected, along with there being some careless drivers in the lanes, and as always, nearly all of them were too busy playing with their cell phones, instead of watching the road. Truth be told, I noticed four of them in a row, with one eye on the road, and the other looking down at their hand-held mobiles. I’m beginning to wonder if our police department is even bothering about ticketing those mobile fiddlers.

On my way back to office, I stopped at Burger King to get a Whopper Jr., just so I’d have something to eat for lunch. I’d have to say when it comes to having a burger, theirs is my all-time favorite. I think it must be the combination of having a few veggies added, along with a smearing of dressing. It’s too bad they don’t have another in our Downtown, because I’m sure they’d become a popular stop for those working in our City’s center.

As I was driving, I happened to notice a historic home I sold a number of years ago, which prompted me to start thinking about that particular transaction, and for sure I’ll not forget the first time I walked inside and began investigating the sprawling floor plan, tall ceilings, and spectacular woodwork and floors. The caretaker was more busy watching my reaction to it all, and only because I just couldn’t stop making comments while taking in its overall beauty. Just before my grand tour was finished, the caretaker teasingly said, “I was getting quite the show watching your bulging-blue eyes in this cathedral of a home.”

Since I was familiar with the caretaker enough, I came right out and said, “I can feel the walls of this home radiating the love that’s been given to it over all these years.” What surprised me the most, was hearing that it’d been owned by two families since it was built, and only because there were children who’d inherited it, and lived there until their deaths. Yes, we do have such home in North Iowa, and whenever I come across one, I end up having similar feelings about them.

Well, as chance would have it, I ended up selling the home myself, and the creepy-cool part of it all, was my buyer saying to me after she’d only seen it only once, “I can feel the love in this home, and I want to be a part of it.” Yes, that’s exactly what she said, and she ended up living there for a good number of years before a job transfer forced her to sell it, and when I showed up to list it, her first words were, “I’ve been in love with this home from the day I first viewed it, and I know for a fact, I’ll never find another like it.” Yes, she must’ve been hit with the same vibes I had from the first time I darkened its doors. She never did mentioned anything about there being paranormal happenings, so it must’ve been the home resonating all that positive energy it had absorbed from its past owners.

I do believe in such things, because we have only scratched the surface of quantum physics. and from what little we know about it, has already defied our existing laws of physics. I always like to give one example of the day to day happenings of quantum physics when asking, “Have you ever had the experience where you were walking down a sidewalk, and for whatever reason, you suddenly turn around and look up, and there you see someone looking down at you?” That’s one example. Another one is, “Have you ever heard your phone ring, and before looking to see who’s calling, the thought of an unexpected person poping in your mind?” That’s just one more example of many.

To this day, I’ll likely never forget the question I was asked by an attorney who was grilling me, along with other prospects who were called for jury duty. He asked everyone the same question, and just about everyone gave similar answers, along with me. But, the real kicker, was when he proceeded to expand on my answer by asking another related question, and before his questioning of me was over, he’d already had the people sitting next to me later shaking their heads and whispering to me, “What was that all about?” I’d say it was another example of quantum physics, and no, I wasn’t picked.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The love we give away, is the only love we keep.

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